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Friday, January 28, 2005

Going to start a revolution from my bed...

As noted in a previous post, this mainframe is about to be rebooted. However, instead of consigning this soapbox on the internet into the arid wasteland of google archives, the management of BerukBoy Incorporated has decided to retweak this blogger interface and redefine the goals and objectives of MummyKnowsBest. Estimated Time of Completion: [ 20 days ].

As I've mentioned before, the BerukBoy is Legion for We are Many.

And now, a word from the former incarnation of the BerukBoy:

Dawg, like the song says, it wasn't me. I'd have put a selection of text from the Great Gatsby 'stead of the Scarlett Pimperwhatever. And yes, dood, I've read the book. I even read ketchup labels when I'm bored, remember.

That said, hackers are a tight circle. Piss one of us off, and you pretty much piss all of us. And remember, hackers and crackers are whole worlds apart. Like the difference between a kept woman and a whore, if I recall the metaphor you had used, bai.

I still admire and like you, bai. And your suspicions were right, I've also pitied you. Now the pity overweighs all the other sentiment I have for you. Just return my dad's digital camera with the tapes, especially that which contains scenes of Zulie's engagement ceremony. For the time being, I am too busy with my own affairs and have no interest in involving myself in yours anymore. Any observation I make is from a distance and with much aloof indifference.

Watch Michael Keaton in My Life. That's the way to go, bai. This world is wretched and as a result, even the purest of us become as wretched. Like the stone that fell from heaven and became black because of the sins of Mankind, guy. Let go and Let God. Nafs, Nafsu and Nafas come from the same root arabic letters: nun, fa, sin. Life is breath, breath is lust, lust is life. Even the Gautama figured that one out.

So long as there is a desire to live, you will. You're only one foot in, my friend. Live or die, that's up to you.

That said, all I'm interested in is my dad's digicam. Fed Ex it, Poslaju it, courier it, whatever. Have your PA drop it off to my PA. Just get it done. For the comfort of my soul and yours. Itu barang orang, bai. Benda lain aku boleh halalkan. Tapi barang orang aku tak boleh, beb.

And that's all I have to say on the subject.

Note to all poseurs and wannabes, the BerukBoy is a project of < Team Seraphim>. That means this blog is opensource freeware status, feebs. Don't be a loser fucktard. Hack responsibly. Shalom.