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Friday, November 05, 2004

Dear Neoconabees and Jeebus Wingnuts

Thank you for visiting my blog. Generalissimo El Chimpo BerukBoy is not at his desk at the moment because he (like most other lefties) has to work for the Man and/or the System in order to pay his bills and support his family (which includes his American ex-wife). Feel free to leave your dumbass comments and BerukBoy will respond to them at his leisure.

Note that all IPs will be logged and any infringement of international internet laws will be reported and pursued. Hey, I sue you, you sue me, that's the American(tm) way, ain't it? You know how much us liberals love our lawyers.

In the words of Sean Penn, allow me to end this missive with a sincere fuck you. Oh, don't forget 'eat shit and die'. You know what kind of potty-mouths we liberals have.

Have a pleasant day.

Cry, O Beloved (Former) Country