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Wednesday, December 22, 2004

We are Legion, for We are Many

Sheeple, the BerukBoy be mad busy so don't expect to see any new posts until next week.

That said, there will come a time when the BerukBoy might cease to bitch about American politics and yack about his hunnybunny zulie (we call her zules these days, coz we cool like that) and talk instead about how the RTD is pissing him off and yack about his hunnybunny liyana instead. No, the BerukBoy isn't getting a new gal in his life (nak mampus? ko tau tak zuli tu ada darah hyderabad?)... it's all about change, mein freund. Wherever there are idiots to be mocked mercilessly, the BerukBoy will be there to supply verbal ammo.

They call us legion, for we are many.

The BerukBoy concept is stronger and more important than one person, and thus the flame must be carried on ad infinitum (the next BerukBoy might be quoting French instead of Latin too, so bear that in mind). Does it really matter if it's not Bruce Wayne underneath the mask so long as the Batman lives on (refer to the Dark Knight Returns graphic novel, sheeples, yeesh)?

This version of El Chimpo isn't planning to make his departure just yet but plans have been made for reasons both personal and professional. It's been a blast, ya scurvy yobs, but Zules wants a Persian cat and kitty food is expensive. Sacrifices must be made.

With that, this Chimp is outta here. Toodles.

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