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Monday, December 06, 2004

Pwetty Fwower and Budak Monyet

FYI: Zuli and I are getting engaged on Saturday afternoon (December 11th, 2004). The wedding will take place in April followed by a small reception in Ipoh. The actual kenduri kahwin will be held in the Kay-Hell area in June thereabouts.

LESSON FOR THE DAY: When a woman asks if she could get a smaller diamond for the wedding ring, do not answer "Of course, dear, whatever makes you happy" thinking "Mega bonus! Get to save some cash at last!" Dumb dumb dumb. It's not the size of the diamond, stupid, it's the cut. Gah. And it's not a good idea to suggest a different ring OUT LOUD once she's told her entire clan in Perak about it either. These are the things my daddy never got around to telling me. Yeesh.

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