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Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Poh Choi Tong Choi

Senor BerukBoy's Phrase-of-the-Day: Poh Choi Tong Choi. Hmm. Don't knock it until it's happened to you.

Feeling a tad bit better, weirdly enough, but the Rawkin' Pesta Melalak has been postponed to New Year's Eve because this weekend Zuli and I have to visit relatives (hers' and mine's) in Perak and the week after that is Xmas and I think Zuli's Eurasian family wouldn't appreciate me spending the night with their favourite deWind at a seedy karaoke lounge somewhere. Ahem.

That said, the clock has been reset to: 19 days and counting.

Sheeple, take note.

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