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Monday, December 06, 2004

Pesta Melalak di Redbox

Dear People(s),

My sincere apologies over the minor confusion caused by the scheduling of my weekend bash at Redbox Low Yatt. You see, when I typed out "s'day 04/12/04" via SMS, I assumed you guys would have looked at a calender. Ahem. My bad. That said, the party RAWKED (we were all literally kicked out at 4:30 on Sunday morning by the good people over at Redbox)!

Head's up: next Karaoke session will be held on the 18th or 19th of this month, so clear yo' schedules, peeps. It'll probably be a day thing (1 pm onwards) because a) it's cheaper and b) Zuli and I are too damn old to stay up past midnight at a pesta melalak. Dua-dua dah tua bangka, beb. Rumah saying bye kubur saying hi. Zuli and I will make arrangements but please RSVP because we end up paying the full room charges for last-minute cancellations.

Some remarks:

VERNON: gua caya sama lu. Zuli commented your rendition of With Arms Wide Open was spot on, bruda. Oh, and she wanted you to know she thought you were very the leng chai one and she thanks you kindly for your "Zuli is the bomb" remark. Dun pray pray, pang yau: I oredi warned her that you very the playboya one. But she said "nebermind, I got cute cousin to intro to him". Haiya!

Bruda, where my "Original Malay Ah Beng" logo? Need job brief sum more, is it? Oh, and do check out the JPG below. Zuli said it fitted my BerukBoy motif to a 'T'.

ALVIN: you sure you Chinese ah? First you sang Apokolips by Sdr M. Nasir (Terima KASAY!!!) then you pi nyayi Flying without Wings lak. Mu ni jiwang ke, rocker ke, cintan ke? Memang sah mu dulu budak CM. Dah ler hang tu asal Johor (Taman Tebrau and Taman Pelangi in the house, representin!). Remind me and Zuli never to eat in Brickfields with you should you decide to do another impromptu Maca version of Everything I Own. Bruda, no woman no cry (but no money sure cry one!). NOTE: 02 is the way to go, bruda. HP tu kerek nak mampus, dah ler mamat technician dia lagak bodoh sombong kat I. Tu sah kes "kecik-kecik tak nak mampus", sakan.

ZAH: Much respect. Next time, we sure lalak Sexual Healing especially for you. Zulie spilled the beans. Hee hee.

ZULIE: Yayang, nanti pi recon Songbird KTV, Neway (get Ben to translate), De Vegas and StarKTV (BSC)? I am getting the feeling that Redbox is subtly trying to discourage "orang kita" from patronizing their premises. Hrmph.

MAINE: Awat tak dengor habaq dari hang? Mu dah lupakan Zuli ngan I ke? Pa ni...

RAZAK: Wei, amender hang belah awai? Ni sah balik ofis buat kojo. Rilek lah beb. Zuli ketawa, awat ada orang pi Redbox tengok bola lak. Ish. Next time je lah. CD Zah jangan lupa ye? NOTE: If I allowed your mother to come to one of our karaoke sessions, she'd bring my mum lah. MERANALAH AKU, BEB. They both TKC Mafiaso, wat. Die ler.

TOKEN_PENANG_GUY: No gay-the beatles-stuck-in-the-60s shit. Unless it's Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds. Maybe even John Lennon. But I swear to God, if you put Moonlight Shadow on the playlist...

BEN: Guy, we all know you can do George Michael, ok? But what we really want to see is you doing Aaron Kwok and Andy Lau. Come on lah, pang yau. Can or not? Can, right?

IKAN HARUAN: Next time, bring the wife ler. She and Zuli can do Cinta di Akhir Garisan together-gether. Zuli can be Nora, your wife can be Ning... uhm, I guess Vernon can be Ziana kut? But no Aminah allowed. Habis satu Redbox dia merangkak. :-)

DEUNAN: Mazhab hang kasi hang pi karaoke tak?

TRABYE: Ni sah I kena mintak Deunan pelawa hang untuk datang ke majlis melalak aku yang akan datang. Bawak ler Waheeda, cik Trabye. Err, wait, jangan... nanti malu lak aku, bab bila aku peram baik-baik I sound like a kucing kena cekik. My face water sure fall one.

EDDIE SPAGHETTI: You and me, dude, both Soldier(s) of Fortune. But Freddy is still #1.

JORDAN: If you didn't understand a damn word of what was said above, please ask the wife-unit to translate. Hee-hee-hee.

Terima KASEY!!!

Much Regards,
the BerukBoy

1 Farts in the Wind:

Blogger Vernon said...

I had fun, B. Serious fun! Hahha. I can't wait for "Malaysian Idol : Rawking RedBox Terkangkang Part Deux." I am proud to say we are true Malaysians. Chinese, Indian, Malay tak kisah la, lantak la! Semua bleh hentam! Wakaka.

We rawk man!

11:32 PM  

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