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Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Of Bumi Quotas and Ah Bengs

Was off the grid for a bit as you sheeple might have noticed. The thing about me is that I don't really like opening up my mouth unless (a) I've got something to say and (b) I know what the fuck I'm talking about and (b)(i) I can also back it up with hard-core facts (an opinion does not a fact make, sheeple(s), kindly refer to archive before mouthing off). Anyway, plugged into the matrix today looking for little neoconabees who wanted to come out and play and found an interesting tidbit on LookEasy. Bumi Quotas.

For it? Against it? Defend it?

Who the fuck cares.

The BerukBoy's buds, acquaintances, associates and peons are not determined by race. For what? To paraphrase Tina, what has race got to do with it? Who cares about what the British did to us so many goddamn years ago. Divide and Conquer. Malays (admin), Chinese (traders/miners/skilled labourers) and Indians (plantation workers/common labourers).

The NEP, as my (chinese) accountant Richard would attest, was not created with just "orang kita" in mind. It was meant for the disenfranchised, the rural poor.

What really gets my goat are people who don't the fuck know what they're talking about sitting around wanking off talking cock. Fucktards. I don't even the fuck know why I bother. I mean, it's not as if they're giving me money to give a rat's ass. But I digress.

Why I'm commenting on this latest post byLook Easy is because being (treated like) a BQ is something I have personally experienced. Even Maine has blogged on it. Kaki Subsidi. Kojo Gomen mentality. Hell, even we (educateds) Malays think it's fun to whack off on BQs (to deflect attention from us, maybe? We're the "good" malays, the hardworking ones. The ones who are accepted). Just like the educateds Chinese whacking the Ah Bengs.

Haiya, they all listen to Aaron Kwok and Techno, man. So uneducateds. And they smell like cheap imitation perfume. Get a clue.

Yes, I would be considered an "Anak Lot". My dad has 2 beemers, lives in a nice bungalow, has a good job. And yes, he is MCOBA. But he worked hard for everything he has achieved, and he has ingrained it in us, his kids. No fucking subsidies for us, no 'crony' culture, no 'nepotism' (where got? how can fly plane on father's name alone and my geography and science sucks lah). When my brother and I were kids, we had (considerably) less money than the kids who lived in pondok buruk in Sungai Pencala who went to the same school we did (TTDI "High"). Want extra cash to buy sodas and crisps? Wash the car, polish my dad's shoes, clean the drain.

"Anak Lot". Fucking hillarious.

The main reason I started my own gig was because I was tired of being treated like a BQ without regard or consideration for my skills and talents. I mean, I don't want to defend those fucktards who drive in their dad's ferraris along jalan telawi or the Tuan Haji who has to get his 15% mark-up to finance his super-premium sunah wal-afiah umrah package. Yes, we know the type.

But I digress.

So the "Chinese" thinks that the "Malays" are spoiled by what they see as affirmative action. There's much to be said here.

Ayn Rand. The Lexus and the olive tree. Neoconabees.

My thoughts: Yes, teach a man to fish, don't give him the fish. But for fuck's sake don't go and drain the fucking pond pulak.

I don't always agree with Looks Easy but on this post he has a point and sheeple would be wise to take heed. And that's all that the BerukBoy has to say about that.

Note: rant on Maxis on the way. Hot off the presses. PANAS!!!

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