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Friday, December 24, 2004

Digi, please tell your people to play nice...

As I'd mentioned in a previous post, things are a bit hectic this week. I barely have time to scan through the blogs and forums I used to visit quite regularly (have my browser set on automatic 10 minute refreshes, that's how much of an OCD I am... and yes, I know Thunderbird can link to RSS but I just found that out on Tuesday because I've been mad busy, read my archives whydontcha).

Sheeple, contrary to popular opinion, I am not Batman. This is my Xmas wish this year: for all ignant idjits to take a break during the holiday season and to disturb my peace and goodwill only AFTER the New Year. I promise, the BerukBoy can come out and play then.

And then I have to go and read this. Yeesh.

The BerukBoy reaches over to the shelf and dusts off the can of verbal whup-ass.

Cannot control your peons, is it? Puh-leaze. Digi, this is, quite frankly, embarressing. Malu beb. Solve the frickin' problem, jangan pi buat masalah lain pulak. Recorded? Archived? Dood, it's quite obvious that you don't even know about something as basic as IP tracking. You wanna play? Come here. I'll even cancel my Xmas dinner tonight with Zule's folks just to play with you. Want to talk lawyers? I have seven.

As my good friend Willie of the US Marine Corps used to tell me, "shut yo' mouth, son, you'll let all the flies in".

Go'n and read my post on HP. Digi, same advice applies to you. Your sheeple are your frontline PR/Brand Execs/Whatever. If it says Digi, it doesn't matter if the guy is just some dude selling your services in some roadshow in a backwater province somewhere. He represents Digi. Digi is responsible. Amender nak lepas tangan ni? I mean, if you guys don't care about losing market share, that's hunky dory with me. Cheap doesn't cut it anymore, guys. Value-added services. That's the mantra you should be chanting. Ni belum lagi Jeff Ooi masuk campur. Abis, sure masuk front page Utusan Malaysia. Amender.

Amender nick hang Celco? Ura ura Celcom ke? Digi, your guy just basically admitted that Celcom is doing something right. It got his attention, didn't it? What, second-choice could now be 019 'stead of 016? Ooh. Big things.

Jangan marah ye, kalau marah kena jual.

Live in the solution, don't dwell on the problem. And for God's sake, don't go creating new ones.

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