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Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Cool Toys for Big Boys (1)

Why, lookie here. If it isn't my pang yau Kenny of MyGadgets in Low Yatt Plaza holding up the brand new O2 XDA IIs. Like any good gamer, I'm going to use my iPaq 6350 for work (i.e. a PS2 in the living room) and use the upcoming 02 XDA III (codename: Blue Angel) for my personal line (i.e. an XBOX in the bedroom).

HP, you guys blew it big time. Like the old adage goes, nothing kills a bad product more than good advertising. It doesn't matter how 'adequate' your product is (viz a viz an equivalent value for X amount of money spent), the question being asked is: does it meet consumer expectations? Advertising generates hype for a product which in turn creates consumer expectation (i.e. potential buyers). Yes, the new rule of thumb is that demand can be created before supply is provided. However, take heed that ALL external factors affecting purchase (herd mentality, status quo symbols, etc) stem from internal motivations (need for acceptance, hero/antihero/protagonist, hubris, etc). Socialogists believe that this is because we (genus homo sapiens) are by nature selfish and self-centered.

Are we capable of complete selflessness? I seriously doubt it. Even empathy is defined as being able to identify with another person's situation (i.e. that person has no leg. Imagine if I had no leg. I feel pain for that person because I am imagining myself in the person's position).

No man is an island but we are all adrift alone in the vast ocean of our own mind.

Consumer expectations, once created, must be met or exceeded failing which disappointment and distrust of brand will occur. Might wanna send yo' peeps to a Marketing 101 class, HP-dudes.


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