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Monday, November 01, 2004

For anyone who cares

Sheeple, I be busy today. If I have anything to say, I'll blog via SMS but it'll be short and to the point. Heh. Bloody unlikely is what comes to mind but one never knows.

If you need me, call me or SMS me. If you don't have my number, there's probably a good reason why. Hmm. Think about it. Otherwise, direct all inquiries to the inbox and expect an answer within a week. Maybe. Unless it's important. In which case you'd have my number.

If I haven't answered a question I promised to answer, it's because you didn't SMS me or e-mail it to me because my mind is completely blur at the moment. I'll probably be free just after Aid'l Fitr' but I doubt it.

That said, this Chimp is outta here. Toodles.

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