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Saturday, October 23, 2004

George W. Bush, Greatest President Ever

I feel that I must add this disclaimer:

If you are a neo-con wannabe, support the Shrub and his reSelection, don't understand the concept of 'self-depreciating witticism' and think that the right to free speech is to behave like a fucktard on other people's blogs... well, as Dick Cheney would say, "welcome". Oh, and don't let the door slam on yo' sorry ass on yo' way out.

This is what I understand to be the netiquette of blogging: so long as you keep your thoughts and grouses private (i.e. confined to a select circle of confidants, regular readers and/or the occasional interloper), you can say whatever the hell you want on your private blog. Hell, more power to ya'. But the moment it's in the public sphere, it's open season, son.

Let me simplify it for ya': Post an update on Petalingstreet and it's in the public sphere. Keep yer rants and indiscretions to yerself and it's not. Oh, and if you're not so gramatically-inclined yerself, please don't bother commenting on other sheeple's typos and slip-ups because you're going to look like an idiot and there will be a record of it. Caveat emptor and all.

Some wingnut sheeple might think that I'm just a left-leaning pinko-liberal-commie dumb-ass and I might think... wait, no, sorry, the truth is 'we're right and you're wrong'. So sorry. Go somewhere else if you want someone to drink your poison kool-aid.

That said, I have the choice not to read your blog and comment on what a fucktard you are and you likewise have the choice not to read my blog and have me comment on what a fucktard you are. Heh.

Morituri te salutant.

Oh, and if you're going to pepper me with talking-points from 'semi-impartial' commentators, make sure you provide validated links and don't be surprised if my liberal ass doesn't just do a roll-over for your convenience. So sorry.

I've lived in America (Mis-suh-sip-puh, son, the toilet bowl of dixieland). I've had friends and family (on my ex-wife's side) who are died-in-the-wool Republicans and/or blue dogs. I've frickin' worked minimal wage in a Taco Bells and have had a gun pointed at my face by a 'disenfranchised white male' exercising his 'constitutional rights' to 'kill snotty brown people who come to my country and take over my job and steal our women'. So don't fucking tell me about how Ayn Rand had the right ideas and how the Shrub is so misunderstood.

Do not judge a man until you have walked a mile in his mocassins. With that, I will end with a sincere fuck you.

Addendum: And if I hear another 'why are you liberals so angry...', jeez, I dunno, maybe this has to do with it?

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