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Saturday, October 23, 2004

A Call for Momentary Truce

As much as I would like to sit around and tell you how much of a fucktard you are on my blog, I have work to do tomorrow so I need to get some ZZZs tonight. Go watch republican p0r0n or something. You know you want to. Hell, wank off to Ayn Rand for all I care.

Whatever it is, just remember that this internet shit ain't a substitute for RL, you know, as in Real Life (i.e. Get a Life?). So go deal your Kool-Aid somewhere else tonight and let me be. Tomorrow, if you're that anal and petty, we'll resume our little 'political discussion'.

To be honest, though, I don't see why you bother. At the end of it I'll still think that all neo-con wannabes are 'too-cool-for-school-posers-with-repressed-homosexual-leanings' and you'll still be a 'too-cool-for-school-poser-with-repressed-homosexual-leanings'. Not that it's a bad thing, mind you. But I ain't into that scene so go check out Liquid or whatever.

You know what's funny? I might not even be referring to you but you're probably seething at these words thinking 'how... dare... he!!!'. Get help, dood. Seriously. With that I'll pass.

From a basement in Azerbaijan, this is Generalissimo El Chimpo BerukBoy signing off.

I have to do something about this layout. Yeesh.

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