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Wednesday, October 27, 2004

BerukBoy's E-Z-P-Z Guide to Blogging-via-SMS

Ok, blogging by SMS is easy. All you need is a standard mobile phone, a Celcom line, an MSN mobile account, a hotmail account, and a blogspot account. At the dashboard, go to settings and activate Blogging via E-mail. Set up a special address (i.e. note that the highlighted word functions as your superduper secret access thingeemabob). Register your cellphone number with MSN mobile. Compose your SMS message and send it to the number given. Voila! Blogging-on-the-go.

Oh, it'll also cost ya ¢50 per SMS *and* long messages will be broken up into several SMSes. Caveat emptor.

Now, the question is, how the heck do you blog via SMS when you have a Maxis or a Digi line? (and 'fore you open yo' big mouth, Einstein, we're talking about blogging via SMS here and not having to ride on GPRS or Wireless Internet). I know that Streamyx Webmail has an E-mail to SMS function but I haven't had time to figure out how to do it in reverse. Hmm.

Hey, doesn't Telekom own both Streamyx and Celcom?


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