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Saturday, September 18, 2004

BerukBoy, BerukBoy, where fore art thou BerukBoy?

In case any of you sheeple have been wondering what ol' BerukBoy has been up to, well, let's just say that a lot has happened since my last post. As of the 10th of September, I have ceased being an employee of Mr. High Intelligents High IQs. And, on the following Monday the 13th, my new ad agency was formally incorporated and began operations. Most of you know who I am in real life or at least have a niggling suspicion. For the time being, however, I am forced to divorce my work life from my real one in order to facilitate positive growth for my new enterprise.

I mean, I can't very well bitch about the boss anymore when I'm my own boss, can I now?

All I can say is, my company isn't operating from a basement at my dad's house. Uhm, not exactly anyway. The Director of Marketing and Research (Nik) and myself are shopping around for a reasonably priced ground or first floor shoplot and then we have to submit it to my Director of Finance and Administration (Zuli) who will then vet it before presenting it to the rest of the Board of Directors for approval. Oh, and the first thing Zuli did when she was appointed a position on the board was to strip me of all hiring powers and unfettered access to the company accounts. And yes, this is the same Zuli who is my girlfriend. The wedding, by the way, will probably be held in January of next year, thereabouts.

Running on a couple of grand of my own money at the moment. About to drag J to see loan officers because I don't want them to scare off my main investor who's come up with collateral. Then it's a matter of getting my MOF and MOE status, qualifying for E-Perolehan, getting added on to a friend's Petronas licence and working towards MSC status. E-z p-z.

Anyway, I've sworn to avid readers of my blog (all three of them) that I'll go back to my usual dose of unrestrained ranting about 'life, the universe, and everything else' and cut down on the Corporate Scum(tm) meanderings. Just thought you good folks would like to know what's up with moi, His Royal Berukness(you can blame J for making that one up).

Oh, and I was at Red Box Low Yatt till about 4 in the morning today with Zuli, Fidel (one of my associates who I met at Starbucks Mont Kiara - funny thing, he was trying to pick up Zuli) and Grae (who was supposed to write my business plan then pulled a Jude (private joke, too long to explain) but she's amusing company as long as she doesn't do any work for me). And, of course, like any other day, I was up by seven doing work.

Man, I can't wait to get hitched with Zuli because then I'll have company while I'm hunkered over my lil' notebook (Mr. Fujitsu, as I have dubbed it) typing my little heart out. Ahem. And maybe she'll make me breakfast or something. Or I'll have to go and get us breakfast but that's ok too as long as the place isn't too far. Because I don't have a driver's licence. Long story.

Anywho, better get back to work. Need to call up one of my graphic designer friends to pop over and redo my company profile and website for me because I have to present it to a client on Tuesday. Minimal shop-talk, ok. Leave those nasty comments to yourself, J. Heh-heh.

Trying to get comp and backstage passes for the Alicia Keys concert on the 1st. But don't know if it'll pull through. My auntie told me she'd get me and Zuli comp seats for Phantom tho'. Mucho coolness.

Anywho, that's pretty much what's up with the BerukBoy. Oh, and my little sister is flying off to England on Wednesday and my parents are going along to help her move in to her dorm in Warrick U. And my grandma has requested that I bring along Zuli to the going away party at my house this Monday. And even though I still think Andrea Fonseka is a babe-and-a-half, I also know that Zuli is muy mucho me adore. Whatever that means.

Catch you sheeple on the flipside. This boy is outta here!

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only 3 readers? surely not. anyway, you just got yrself reader numero quartre.

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