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Sunday, August 22, 2004

Mama, Don't Let Your Boys Grow Up to be Corporate Scum

Gah. It's a Sunday morning and already I'm wincing at the amount of chores I have to take care of today. Just replying and forwarding e-mails took a large amount of my morning (I carefully select who I send what to and occasionally I have to edit my forwards for readability). I wrote a long e-mail to my supervisor yesterday to talk about stuff that's happening at work and to give him a work progress report but I accidently hit some keys and everything in the content box got erased. So, I have to brace myself to do another e-mail composition to him today. Probably in the next hour or so.

Hate working on my dad's desktop but I'm too lazy to hook up my laptop to the USB Modem. I was supposed to get a Wireless Access Point but the idiots at Low Yatt told me there was no such thing as a Network USB Adapter. Uhh, yeah, sure. Apart from the fact that I used one when I was living in the US and I can easily run a Google search for it... Grr... when did Low Yatt get populated by ex-VCD sellers?

Anyway, my current philosophy is to stay in the solution and not dwell on the problem.

Listening to 'Through the Barricades' by Spandau Ballet right now. Ahh. Bliss.

What I'm going to do is to do some R&D on what I need to get a wifi access point up and running, print out the specific equipment and then head over to Low Yatt and get it. Don't even get me started on people who tell me you can't hook up a PDA to a modem via the PC slot or Infra-Red. Don't.

So much to frickin' do. Don't feel like going to the wedding today with Zulieka because her parents are going and we'll all be in one car. It's all love and all, but her mom is a grade-A bitch. Uhm, maybe 'bitch' is too strong a word to use. Anyone know a nicer way of saying 'domineering, opiniated, bigoted, self-righteous, melodrama queen and elitist snob'? The only way I'd get in trouble with Zuli for saying all this is that we both don't like airing family disagreements in public. But her mom went way over the line by dissing me and my 'fiscal worthlessness' over at a family event organized by Zuli's side of the family. I mean, it's cool and all. I am seriously pissed off but not majorly so. After all, I only have to sic my mom and her friends on Zuli's mom... don't mess with righteous native-born Johorean wrath.

Ah, forget about it. But I am going to talk to Zuli about going to the wedding. I have work to do all day and I will need to sit in front of my laptop doing it (Zuli's mom makes a lot of dumb comments about how it's unhealthy for someone to sit in front of the computer screen all the time and, in the same breath, laments how unmotivated I am to succeed in business. Eh? What?).

Yes, this is one of my bitch-moan-complain posts. See why I didn't feel like writing anything all week?

Anyway, I don' feel like inflicting my screed on any of you good folks. Like I said, my current philosophy is to stay in the solution, not dwell on the problem. A lot of arses need to be kicked this week and I'm just the arse-kicker for the job.

A genuine honest-to-goodness corporate scum-bag. Everything I've ever aspired to be (sans the Degree in Humanities or Social Studies from Stanford - Marketing and Business courses are for losers).

Hmm, could use some breakfast. Low-fat baked beans, whole-meal toast, low-sodium butter, turkey bacon strips and a glass of unsweetened orange juice. Such are the rewards of leading a righteous life.

I don't see why anyone would find my bitter cynicism so damn amusing. However, Zuli did note that for exactly one hour and 15 minutes, during the intermission at Llewellyn's show at Alexis Ampang, I actually behaved like a decent human being and was actually warm and funny. I think I did some impressions of some people I knew in the Malaysian showbiz industry (I do a killer Halim Othman). And then some people came who I needed to talk business to and I became my usual cut-throat asshole self. Maybe I should rename this blog 'the Confessions of a Bumi Corporate Peon'. Whatever.

Listening to Nick Kershaw's 'The Riddle' right now.

Hmm, maybe I should get some CDs and burn all the good songs on my desktop. Store it on my laptop's HDD? HEAVEN FORBID! I don't even have Heroes of Might & Magic or Neverwinter Nights installed on it. Need the space for work-related junk. Might get Digger installed on it. Or Alleycat. I can't ever beat that game.

Found some Transformer Toys and DVDs at Lelong. Wish they would have more updated information at KLUE.

Listening to Timmy T.'s 'One More Try'.

I seriously have to code in one of those 'Stuff I'm listening To' or 'Stuff I'm Reading' to my blog. But, gah, so much more extra work... I haven't even updated my Bookcrossing Account yet.

Have to write my work progress report now. Uhm, right after I burn all these songs to CD.

Later Sheeple. Dream of Electronic Sheep.

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Blogger Maine said...

U mad or what write about future muthainlaw here? U really make me wonder how fiscally inadequate you are, sounds so chronic :)

9:31 AM  

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