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Sunday, August 22, 2004

I Feel The Pain of the Great Unwashed Masses

Gah, I've been a butt all day.

Gave my dad the receipts for the Fujitsu but I can't find the one for the extra battery I bought because my maid has this bad habit of rearranging my room whenever she cleans it. Yeah, yeah, 'elitist upper-middle class angst', as Token_Penang_Guy would term it.

Dude, you own a RM300 footie shirt. I don't even own a pair of pants that costed RM300. Scummy pseudo-egalitarian marxist wannabe. But it's all love, so it's ok.

Had breakfast with Manhattan_Faz at Jasema this morning. When the hell did breakfast in TTDI start costing RM6.50 a pop? All I had was a roti boom (I actually wanted a roti john but I get my semantics mixed up sometimes - you try living with severe dyslexia) and a glass of unsweetened iced Horlicks. Jeez.

Zuli likes making fun of the pretentions of TTDI sheeple. I have to concur. Sheeple here are living in some la-la land totally out of touch with the real world. Want proof? Just take a look at Rasta. It's like Damansara Uptown with sucky food, better parking and, uhm, an all-Bumi cast. Most of my mum's family transplanted themselves here in the early 90s. Even my grandma (never will you ever meet a truer Johorean Malay... by virtue of our family being the first batch of Singaporean Malays who'd left Singapore due to, uhm, the political climate - this was around 50 years before the separation, by the way) lives in a condo here. Yeah, the one across the street from Muhibbah. How'd you guess? (/sarcasm)

Waiting for people to call or SMS me back so I can go get some stuff done. Arghh. Have to chase Grae down and make sure that she's written out my bidness proposal. I have a bag of Xanax downstairs that my respirologist gave me but, like most of you know, I have this little pill problem. The NA logo on the sidebar to the right kinda gives it away.

Maybe I should start learning to meditate. Yeah, right, whatever. I just need to get all this shit done so I can take long holidays and play online MMORPGs in some exotic foreign destination with broadband internet access.

And no, I haven't written the work progress report for my supervisor yet. Need to be in a better mood. Like, after I meet Grae and see that the thing is all done and shit.

Listening to: Insensitive, Jann Arden.

Oh, but I got all the cd burning done. Now I have stuff to listen to when Airzed is on the fritz and I can't log on to iTunes. Excellent, Manhattan_Faz just called. He just got done with the tahlil at his dad's apartment and he's on his way to the Bukit Kiara cemetary then he's dropping his mom off and we can go see Grae. Yeah, I know, totally ironic considering the song I'm listening to right now. What do you expect from a Corporate Scumbag(tm)?

Going to watch Summit because it's RM6 a person and on Sunday I'm going to watch the Actorlympics at BSC. On Merdeka Day I have an emergency session NA business meeting to attend at Chow Kitt. On the Friday before that I have to make my usual recovery meeting at St. Andrew's. On Tuesday and Thursday I have my usual PT sessions with Kannan at Fitness First Uptown. Gah, that's a pretty packed week. I doubt I'll get paid before the 31st. My guess is that I'm going to get my check on the 3rd of September, if I'm lucky. But that's cool, because if everything works out, I can hand in my resignation letter the same week.

Listening to: When I See You Smile, Chicago.

Oh, wait a sec, AVP isn't showing this Wednesday. That means we'll have to watch Collateral instead. Gah. Wish I had enough cash to spare so I could afford to watch the sneak previews today at Megamall. But, hell, that money could be put to better use anyway. Like helping society and shit. I mean really helping society and not the bullshit 'here's a couple of bucks' to the donation solicitors you meet while having an RM12 cup of ice-blended coffee at Starbucks.

Anyway, I've got to take a bath. I'm all sweaty and crap. I actually have to shave too... that's what you get when you suffer from a severe allergic reaction to dust mites. And I've got something called dust conjunctivitis. Yeah, I know, painful. Like Token_Penang_Guy would say, 'uppity middle-class elitist angst'. Thank you very much, Mr. RM300 footie shirt. I feel the pain of the great unwashed masses too.

So, I'm out of here, sheeple. Catch you all on the flipside.

4 Farts in the Wind:

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Heh heh. I'm BerukBoy's cousin who happens to be living with the grandmother who stays in the condo opposite Muhibbah. Moved here from Ulu Kelang about six months ago. TTDI denizens are nowhere near as pretentious as, say, Bangsar people - but they sure are trying hard to be pretentious, ha ha. Failing miserably, though. There's this family-atmosphere feeling here from which it's hard to escape.

About Rasta - if you do somehow end up having to eat at that strip of cement between Esso and Mobil, the trick is to sit at Coffee Hut and order Rasta food from there. Ok, still pretentious, but at least the place doesn't remind you of a school canteen.

12:43 PM  
Blogger Gina said...

Does that PT session works, Berukboy? I think I might need one.

10:40 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i think when i see you smile is by bad english, not chicago

12:40 AM  
Blogger Sénor BerukBoy said...

Good catch. Was listening to 'Look Away' by Chicago and then 'When I See You Smile' by Bad English. Both songs, incidently, were penned by Diane Warren. Glad to see someone's paying attention to the details. Heh.

12:48 AM  

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