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Friday, July 02, 2004

A word on Zuli...

Those of you who've been reading my earlier threads know that I'm not feeling well. What I may have been remiss in mentioning is that Zuli (the other unit that makes up our Borg Collective of two) isn't feeling well either but she has to be at work today because she pretty much runs the office.

We're going to go watch Spiderman 2 tonight and I'm trying to figure out how to get her home safely because the movie starts at 9 and she gets pretty groggy on the wheels. Maybe my sister and her boyfriend can pick her up and send her home. Yeesh, I really have to work on getting my driving licence back.

Did I mention that Zuli is a daily reader of this blog? She doesn't have to read it, most of my ramblings being utter drivel and leftist propoganda anyway, but she does and I really appreciate it. I'm in the midst of a flamewar with one of our mutual friends and Zuli got dragged into the fray for which I am very sorry. Just because she's my girlfriend doesn't mean she shares the same ideas and opinions I do. For what it's worth, we keep our politics and ideology separate.

That said, if anyone wants to send Zuli any get well E-cards, you can e-mail it to me so I can forward it to her. I would really appreciate it if you guys would do this.

Anyway, back to my regularly scheduled rantings.

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