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Thursday, July 08, 2004

Web Games from the 80s

Crap. Sick like a dog, again. Had a major presentation for the top honcho of one of our GLC clients yesterday so I had to wear a tie and junk. Everyone thought I looked cute. Aughhhhhhh!!!! BerukBoy is the icon of grunge slackerness! I do not SO look cute. I am dangerous, edgy, a wild-child of post-modernism hip. And, uhm, I usually wear slippers to work. But not today because Zuli made me promise to dress up for Guy Sebastian's impromptu mini-concert at the Hard Rock.

Anyway, check out this site. It tells you all kinds of stuff you didn't know about Windows OS (features and quick fixes). Pretty cool.

Oh, and I see that JFKerry finally found a running mate. Edwards, eh? Good choice. Lemme see if I got this right... Ignorant Fratboy Prez and Evil Old Fart vs Patrician Vietnam Vet and Young Turk Oozing Charisma. See ya in Crawford, Shrubya!

Okie dokie nothing much to report on today. Will prolly be too busy or sick or both to post anything at work. Spent a ton of cash this week on PR (office colleagues, family members and Zuli's parents). Everyone tells me I should buy more dress shirts and nicer pants but I would much rather spend my hard-earned cash on books. Books I can understand. But clothes? Hrmphh, whatever.

Oh, and this is for Zuli and everyone else who have nothing better to do than STEAL COMPANY RESOURCES by playing computer games on the office broadband (and before you spam me with SMSs love of my life, I was merely quoting, quite sarcastically, on the Walmartization of businesses - anal rules and whatnot, ahem. So, err, don't threaten to staple my sacs to a post or anything) allow me to introduce the one, the only, DIGGER!

For a full list of web-based 80s arcade game, click here.

Gotta go people. Ciao.

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