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Friday, July 30, 2004

Want to make some fast cash?

Gah. At Zuli's office. She's been doing work all evening. Got here by bus. Hooked up my laptop to her office LAN and did some work on the net.
Need to hire someone to write my business plan for me. I can spare about RM500 (RM1000 if they'll take staggered payments). I would do 80% of the actual R&D and all of the proofreading and final editing. All I want is someone who is willing to sit down and write it out for me. Uhm, it would help if they've written a business plan before (I have to present it to the bank for my loan application and to my investors). Oh, and if they were MIA or a CS or familiar with the banking industry or has a legal background, even better. So, uhm, write me.

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