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Friday, July 02, 2004

Put Mahathir In Charge of Iraq

Some choice quotes:

If the goal is to create a stable, prosperous and democratic Iraq, who better to do that than the former leader of the most prosperous and democratic Muslim country in the world today? Mahathir served 22 years (1981-2003) as Malaysia's fourth and most successful prime minister. During those years he transformed a nation dependent on rubber and palm oil into a regional high-tech, manufacturing and financial powerhouse. Malaysia's economy often grew at 10 percent a year and living standards rose 20-fold.

Moreover, Mahathir successfully governed a country divided, like Iraq, on racial, ethnic and religious lines. Where Iraq comprises Arabs, Kurds and Turkomens, Malaysia is made up of Malays, Chinese and Indians, not to mention other minorities in East Malaysia. He has fostered affirmative programs that have created a sizable and stable indigenous middle class, essential for democracy, without alienating the minority races.


Putting Mahathir in charge would pave the way for greater participation in Iraq's postwar life by the OIC states. It is unconscionable that the OIC has played absolutely no role in the reconstruction of Iraq. US leaders prattle on about trying to "internationalize" the situation, they talk about bringing in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization or begging the French or Germans to send troops, yet ignore the world's largest organization of Islamic states, which stands on the sidelines impotently sniping and complaining. It would also be the key to having any Muslim nations send peacekeepers to Iraq.

(end of excerpt)

And no, guys, this isn't satire. The guy was being quite serious. Eek!

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