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Saturday, July 10, 2004

Of Marketing People and Other Useless Scumbags

I will probably be updating my blog later this evening. Have a whole bunch of stuff to do. Going to get MyKad, doctor's appointment to get my lung scraped, picking up some cheap dockers and work shirts at this outlet mall, visiting Zuli's dad who just got out of the hospital, watching Mean Girls and trying out authentic Italian fare (by the province, mind!) at the Sheraton Imperial.

In the meantime, check out this funny take on Genesis (imagine if marketing people were in charge of the whole project, brr!). An excerpt:

To: General Director Jehovah
From: Gabriel, Marketing Director

The market research conducted by our department for the Genesis project, shows that systems of the following configuration will generate the highest level of consumer enthusiasm:
Planet(s): 1
Radius: 3,000 km
Gravitational pull: 0.5g
Land/Water ratio: 1:1
Temperature: +24 C
Atmosphere: Oxygen
Oceans/Seas: Fresh Water
Rivers: Milk, Honey
Fauna: Herbivores
Peripherals: 2 luminary bodies, (for day, night).
Orbital Speed: 0.0007 RPM (1 revolution / 24h cycle)

Forwarding to the strategy planning department for preparation.
-- Jehovah

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