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Thursday, July 29, 2004

The Morning Thread

Slept at 1:30 this morning and woke up about 5 hours later at 6:45. I hope I won't start suffering the effects of sleep deprivation or something. Anyway, writing a business plan. Sheeple at work did an about-turn and are now looking at me to get everything together. I have an idea but I need my cuz to get back from Singapore to discuss it with him. Busy-busy-busy. Hope I get paid by this upcoming monday. Need the dosh. Have to drop by Bank Industri tomorrow to I-don't-the-hell-know-why. Maybe she had another dream again. Who cares? CD is getting all the choice bits anyway. Might have a lubang with some oil & gas companies. Mucho profits there. What's this I hear about the DPM bitching because some company is charging the government RM3000 a day or a month to lease a Proton Wira? Farkin' ridiculous, eh? Pentium-Boy seems to be on the rise. Maybe more later. It's too damn early for any serious thought or commentary.
Laterz sheeple. 

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