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Friday, July 30, 2004

Maybank2U needs to hire more cheerful service people

Just got shouted at while talking to a Maybank customer service rep working the phone. Granted it was half past six in the morning but I was having serious difficulty with my account. His name was Mohammed, wouldn't give me his last name. Is it even worth complaining to someone about? Will they do anything about it? My tone was pleasant throughout the whole conversation. He seemed irritated that I had so many questions to ask and when I told him to slow down because he talked too fast he began raising his voice. Anyway, got to go to work now. More on this later. Maybe.

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Blogger excalibur said...

Complain! The whole reason why I freaking closed my account at Maybank was because the service sucked BIG TIME!!!!!!!!! Complain to the Customer Service Manager, the newspapers, the internet, complain everywhere!!! And yeah, quote the name of the employee, the time, what was said, etc...Just be diplomatic...

8:28 AM  

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