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Friday, July 02, 2004

Malaysian Hell

Ok guys, apologies for my prolonged absence from blogging activities. I've taken the day off because I'm still quite ill but rest assured that I'll be back at the office tomorrow. Saturday, of course, is when everyone in my office spends half-an-hour eating eating breakfast, two hours reading the Star and an hour-and-a-half checking their e-mail before clocking out and going home. It's like working for the frickin' government. I actually heard a joke that's somewhat related to that subject.

This guy dies and ends up in hell. Dude finds out that hell is separated by nationalities. So, he decides to pop into Swedish hell and check out the facilities. In Swedish hell, he gets electrocuted on an electric chair, forced to lie down for hours on a bed of rusty nails and finally gets tortured by a sadistic devil. Dude goes to check out other hells. In front of the gates to Malaysian hell, he finds a long line of people waiting to be allowed in. Curious, he asks someone cueing up what was so special about Malaysian hell. 'In Malaysian hell, you get electrocuted on an electric chair, forced to lie down for hours on a bed of rusty nails and then you get tortured by a devil', says the other guy. Dude replies, 'But that's exactly like Swedish hell'. The other guy then states, 'Yes, but in Malaysian hell, TNB supplies the electricity so the electric chair never works (black out mah), someone stole all the rusty nails and the devil works for the government so he clocks in then goes out for a 3 hour coffee break'.

Heh-heh-heh. It sounds a lot funnier when I heard it but I suck at telling jokes anyway. Ok, BerukBoy will now be cruising the Information Superhighway in search of things to satirize and make unkind comments to. Watch this space for further updates.

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