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Friday, July 02, 2004

Life After Death On The Internet

More than a year after his death, Aaron Huth continues to haunt those who knew him. His profile on the behemoth six-degrees-of-separation Web site still lets people know that in May of 2003 he was listening to bands like the Birthday Party and the Postal Service and reading Nietzsche. His likes and interests were frozen for posterity on May 26, 2003, the last time he logged into the site. While Huth’s 12 listed Friendster friends haven’t heard from him since May 29, the day he passed away, each time they log on to the site they are simultaneously reminded of his life and his death. They are greeted by pictures of the Harford County native playing guitar and sporting the dark, wild, curly hair that accompanied his outgoing personality.

(end of excerpt)

Got this article from David who e-mailed me with a link to Fark. Totally bizarre collection of actual news reports. Check it out.

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