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Thursday, July 22, 2004

High Intelligents High IQs

Sheeyit. I haven't posted anything on my blog for a good darn while and I come back to find it choc-full of new features. As much as I would like to have coloured words and junk, I have a responsibility to my oh-so-many readers (all 5 of you). I swear to God there ain't going to be any links today. Uhm, maybe just one. What do you guys think of that Nirmala Bonat case, eh? Self-inflicted wounds et all? OJ Simpson's lawyers don't have a darn clue on the things that go on in the Malaysian judiciary system. Have so much to say I don't even know where to start. That Darren whatsisname case, you know, where unknown persons beat him up to death. You know, people with bodyguards who drive red mazdas. Hmm. Oh, wait, the cops charged 5 Thai nationals with the crime and then deported the other 5 who were witnesses to the case. Brilliant manouver. On other news, my boss is still a dick. Oh, the stories I could tell about him. He called a staff meeting today to tell us about how lucky we were to be working for him and how much he'd sacrificed for us and how he'd get so much further ahead in business if not for us lazy people who are only still employed because he feels sorry for us. And he froze all emergency leave, sick leave, annual leave and unpaid leave until he gets back from his holiday from Euro-Disneyland. If I weren't working for this A-hole, it'd be so frickin' funny I'd bust my gut laughing. As you can see, this is why I haven't been blogging recently. Had to do a ton of work and have this fucktard declare emergency meetings every few hours to declare his greatness to us unworthy peons. Puh-leaze!

Got loads to post but I just don't know when I'm going to find the time. By the time I get time I'll forget about all I wanted to say anyway. Yeesh. Oh, good news, looks like I might get enough funds to get myself a laptop with wi-fi. Woo hoo! Wish frickin' Gmail would hurry up and send me some invites already. My bro and my girl are hurtin' for Gmail. And all the good usernames are being snapped up like hot cakes.

Jebus-F-Christ. It's 4 in the afternoon and I'm already nodding off. Been working a lot of late nights this past week. Stupid client. Has a dream and calls me at 4 am in the morning to tell me to revamp a write-up she'd approved the day before (which she hasn't sent to either R&D or her boss so her approval is worth squat). Got me and a colleague in trouble because she told my boss (High IQs, Very Intelligents) that we joked about our lack of floppy disks and CD-Rs at work. Which, uhm, is true. We don't have an allocation to buy floppy disks in our office. And, as you remember, only one old clunker of a PC (Pentium 300 mah with 128mb RAM) can access the internet.

I am working on a plan to get me and some buds outta this place by October. Netted ourselves a 3 mil client that's willing to jump ship but we have another 'lubang' that might be worth 10-50 mil. Have to get a working paper ready for investors. Looking through a bunch of bumi loans and grants. So much frickin' work. Will be doing the rounds when High IQs High Intelligents is gone for the month.

Jeez, I'm tired. Much love to Zuli (muah muah!) just in case she's wondering why she didn't get mentioned in today's post and I spend yet another 2 hours telling her how special she is too me blah blah blah. Oh shit. When she reads this I'm going to have to get her the whole 'My Little Pony' collection. Ah well.

Wow this is a long post. Didn't find anything interesting on the net as yet but I'll keep you sheeple informed, k?

Uhm, that's it. Vote Kerry-Edwards! I'm outta here.    

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