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Friday, July 23, 2004

Dumb-Asses and the Advertising Industry

Ay-yi-yi-yi-yi. Woke up 10 minutes before 7 this morning. So, I'm up and updating my blog (after checking relevant websites for today's news and clearing spam out of my inbox - when the heck is hotmail going to deliver the much-promised 200mb? I have more stuff in my gmail account than my hotmail and my streamyx webmail combined!).

Hmm, according to SCAMshome, Vincent Lee suggests that ad companies are too obsessed with R&D and its curbing creativity. Oh. Mwahahahahahahahahaha. And this guy owns an agency? What a DUMB-ASS! FYI, in most agencies, the R&D department is known as "google". Yeesh. A bit more R&D might have avoided such unfortunate fiascos such as KFC's Tom Yam Chicken. Increased market share my aunt petunia! Talking about DUMB-ASSES, I was busy all week doing write-ups for Bank Industri's 25th Anniversary NST supplement. The fucktardess in charge of the project kept changing her mind about what she wanted written every few hours. Hell, she called me up at 4 am in the morning on Tuesday to tell me she had a dream about the write-up and wanted me to do a total rewrite. J-F-C. That wouldn't be so bad except she also wants us to cut our creative fee by a grand. On the plus side, we suckered her for 5k with "archiving costs" (aka burning all info and relevant news articles on CD. Cost? RM40. Not that we're ever going to see a cent of that money since our boss is going to Euro-Disneyland. Yeesh). Oh, kept running into Carlos from CD. Apparently one of the CEO's nephews works with CD so they're getting all the choice bits from Bank Industri. You know, Anal Reports, Classified Ads, everything but the shitwork we get. Hrmphh. But of course my boss maintains that he'd be so much further up the food chain if not for us bogging him down.

Ooh, ooh, found a page of quotes. Must bookmark!

I might get in trouble today because the boss expects me to hand over 3 business proposals. Hmm. You know, I was doing ACTUAL work the whole week (the kind that brings in revenue) and did not have time to work on his dumb ego beurocratic whatchamacallits. Who the hell does proposals anyway? For crying out loud, two words: Powerpoint Presentation. I don't see why I have to waste my precious time mollifying his business pretensions (High IQs High Intelligents) when I could close the deal by telling the company exactly what they need to raise profit margins and sales. Just like the Nokia N-Gage. They can lower the price as much as they can but I could tell them a sure-fire way to boost sales now. One word: Bluetooth. Uhm, might have to add a couple more words: Packaged Together. If any of you scumbag marketing people are reading my blog and decide to steal this idea, by all means, go ahead. But I'll know and you'll know and everyone who reads my blog will know. I couldn't do a damn thing about it in court but think about this: that's just one of my ideas (already done the R&D on it too). I have tons more. But if you want to make a quick buck by stealing it, be my guest.

Do we have to write frickin' caveats on everything these days? Anyway, I need to get going. I have a business plan to write today (for the bank and my investors and so it's actually worth my time)  so I need to get an early start. So much more junk to say so little time to do it. Ah well.

Oh, that reminds me, have to tell you folks what happened between my dad and I the day before yesterday. About the laptop. Financing. Mum was happy. More details later.

Catch you on the flipside, sheeple. 

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