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Thursday, July 01, 2004

Bananas are a "service" not a "product"

Head's up, people.

I took the day off to visit a respirologist and a dermatologist at Damansara Specialist Hospital. Got some medicine and I have to see them again in a week and a month's time, respectively. The dermatologist experience was quite... surreal. She poked me with a pen and chatted on her cellphone throughout the examination. Ah, the wonders of privatization.

Talking about privatization, I used the time spent in waiting rooms to read up Greg Palast's book. It's frickin' disturbing. I can understand why Zuli just wants to insulate herself from any news or opinions that isn't government kosher. I can't help myself... I know I should pace myself but all I want to do is to finish reading that book. It's that gripping. I don't understand a lot of the economic concepts he discusses but what I do catch is mindblowing. Bananas, for example, are a service, not a product. This has to do with free trade and all that globalization crap.

I'll discuss this in detail later. Now, I'm going down to see if I can stomach some dinner, take some pills and then I'll pop back up and surf the net some more to see what else I can dig up. Or I might just plonk myself on a couch and finish reading my book.

You guys really have to read this book. Greg Palast is abs brill.

Anyway, more posts to come.

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