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Sunday, July 25, 2004

A Bad Jar-Jar Binks Impression

Sheeple, I be busy today. I be at Midvalley with Zuli and her mum at the Indian fair then I be at Low Yatt looking at laptops and PDA-cellphones. I be blogging more later. I be very tired.

Gah, I can't even do a good illiterate moron impression without dragging out the punchline. How come Screenshots is down? Have to put in my two cents about 28-year old mind-like-a-pentium guy. Too damn busy. Have to meet up with some investors later this week, write out a business plan and figure out a monthly cashflow plan. Busy-busy-busy. Oh, less we forget, there's the obligatory attendance karaoke session with the boss this upcoming Saturday. Heh.

Anyway, talk to you peeps later. Once I get my wi-fi enabled 512k mb RAM 2 Ghz 4-hour battery life laptop, I'll be able to blog on the move! The wonders of technology never cease.

But I digress. Now I must fly and,  uhm, whatever.


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