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Friday, July 30, 2004

Anyone Looking for a Senior Copywriter?

God I am in a bad mood. I have exactly RM5 in my wallet right now. It's too late to go to the bank otherwise I could have got RM60 out of Maybank and Hong Leong (RM30 from each so the sum's too small for me to use the ATM).
Oh, and I added a Google search function to my blog. Uhm, so you guys can search for stuff. Like, in my blog.  
Farkin' paycheques were not signed today. I am not a happy camper. Since I have zilch money I don't really feel like coming to the stupid (obligatory attendance!) karaoke session tomorrow. But I'm too lazy to rewrite my resume and scout through jobstreet for want ads. Anyone hiring a copywriter/traffic manager/creative director/software technician? I work cheap. RM3000 a month, no allowance required. But I must have access to broadband (I have a wifi enabled laptop - a plus when client servicing and job pitching), be given own office or private cubicle, work must be near public transportation (fully prepared to chip in with fuel money if anyone would like to carpool), 5 day official workweek (but I don't mind working nights and weekends when the situation demands) and, uh, that's it.
Yeesh, looks like I'll have to start reworking my resume. Are they even hiring senior copywriters right now? Anyway, that's plan B. Still toiling on my business plan. Note to self: I hate writing business plans and marketing proposals.
Addendum: I have a laptop, but it's on loan from my sister who's headed off to the UK in a couple of weeks. And, uhm, it doesn't have wifi. But I might be getting a loan to buy a wifi laptop this sunday provided my dad is in a good mood and I outline the virtues and advantages of the model I would like to purchase. The key word here is: my dad has to be in a good mood.
Goddamn I am in a lousy mood. What did I do all day? Well, I downloaded the Satanic Bible for my Art Director. Hmm. I read part of the Star (but someone stole the rest). Talked to a couple of people in the Look East Policy Department of the whatever-the-hell-you-call-that-government-body. Did a lot of blank staring at the wall. Yeah, why would anyone hire me to do all that all day, eh? Oh, got Event Management Coordinator added to my list of job functions. Whoopee. Maybe I'll get to meet Siti Nurhaliza and Saiful Apek. Talked to Siti a couple of months ago. I was supposed to be working on her biography. Deal panned out. Her sister-in-law had already sold the rights to Astro. We were dealing with her dad. Just goes to show: know who to talk to.
Met the CEO of Eau Claire yesterday. Nice guy. His name's Mervyn. We're designing the labels for their new sport drinks. Err, can't give out too much details. Company secrets that sort of thing.
I'm gonna split early today. Not in the mood to hang around the office. Unless Zuli doesn't want me to come over to her place. I don't know. No one's telling me anything. Eh.
Catch you sheeple later. I'm outta here (maybe).        

2 Farts in the Wind:

Blogger Vernon said...

I had 20sen to my name this afternoon after lunch. We got our paycheques but upon presenting my bank-in slip, passbook and cheque to the counter, I was nicely rejected. Apparently there was a correction made to my name and therefore, rendering my most valuable, most needed cheque void. My whole world crumbled.

My boss had left the office about 5 minutes before for a presentation which I rushed to finish for her before lunch. And now no-one's there to sign a replacement cheque. I didn't know whether to laugh or cry.

I could live on 5 pieces of sweeties for the next day, with my 2 kupang.

Thankfully though, one of the partners was around to sign the cheque eventually, and I got my cheque cleared immediately. Sigh... such is life. Misadventures that is.


1:06 AM  
Blogger Maine said...

Would you like to make a crummy RM150 a month just to correct and improved anything necessary on our company's 4 page enewsletter or not? It's a complete enewsletter, we just need someone to zest it up.
Email me if you are interested:

3:18 PM  

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