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Sunday, July 04, 2004

20% Discount on Sandman Graphic Novels at Kino

Hi. My blog wasn't updated yesterday because I went straight to Kino from work to buy some books and meet up with Zuli. Some people spend their money on clothes and/or electronics. Now, it's not that I don't like that junk, but I gotta read something to keep me occupied during the month. You know, when I'm on the bus or eating lunch or in the john or when I'm pretending to do work...

Anyway, these are the titles I picked up yesterday: Me Talk Pretty One Day, Dude, Where's My Country, Triumph of the Darksword and A Game of You. Should keep me occupied for, oh, I don't know, two weeks? Might just have to take a trip to Atria to scrounge through the Pay-Less Bookstore there. Surprisingly good selection. And cheap, very cheap.

Then we went to Zuli's house, rapped with her parents some, took her mum to an iranian carpet joint in Taman Tun coz they were having a stock clearance sale, picked Dave up at Atria then zipped off to Sri Hartamas to, uhm, party. But Zuli and me were too sick so we had to split at midnight.

Oh, that isn't why you're reading this post? The details of my insignificant life doesn't interest you? How... yeah, yeah, I'll cut the melodrama and get straight to the meat.

Kino KLCC is offering a 20% discount on all Sandman graphic novels provided you buy another book. And yes, you can get the discount on one Sandman graphic novel by buying another Sandman graphic novel and get a discount on that graphic novel as well. Total no-brainer.

At Kino, the graphic novels are super cheap already (RM62.25) and after the discount it's MEGA cheap (RM49.25)! For those of you not in the Klang Valley area, click here to order the books online. Since they don't list the discount on the website you might have to write them or call Kino at 03-2164-8133.

More inane rants to follow.

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david sedaris is great shit ;)


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