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Friday, June 11, 2004

You want Adibah Amin? She said, "Show me the MONEY!"

Man, I am seriously bummed at the moment. Waiting for Zuli to come pick me up to go to my cousin's wedding reception down the street (Hi Zik! Thanks for reading my blog!). Had to do an English-Malay translation in an hour's time yesterday. Not simple shit either. A congrats ad for an international bank filled with jargon and tech-ese. Barely had time to run it through my mom and sister (they were picking up my youngest sister Iffah from her college at Lembah Beringin and the line wasn't so hot). Anyway, this morning, the media exec in charge of that project hands me a piece of paper and tells me to type it ad verbatim. I was like, 'It's typed, dude'. And he was like, 'I did it at home and anyway I improved on that piece of shit you handed me yesterday'. Oh, ok. All he did was polish up what I'd written. The one I only had an hour to write, mind you. And the only thing the Art Director could say was 'Do you even know that May is spelled Mei in Malay? What did you get for your BM in SPM? An F?'. Right. The only thing I missed was May's spelling. I was fucking grammatically correct. All I have to console myself with is that I'm only doing this for another 8 months or so... just enough to get job cred. And after that, I'll be so outta here that my shoes will leave marks on the grotty welcome mat.

Anyway, Zuli is outside so I have to split. More on this later, people.

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