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Thursday, June 17, 2004

What's up with Yasmin Ahmad?

While reading Star's In-Tech supplement today, found reference to an amusing website. Check it out. Some of the pictures and comments are quite droll. Oh, and stumbled on the Daily Show archives at Comedy Central On-Line. Too funny.

Not really feeling all that chipper today. Had a major sinus attack yesterday (took some pills and avoided getting a sinus headache, which would have sucked!) so I didn't feel like heading over to the gym for my PT session with Kannan. Plus Zuli was feeling a bit under the weather too. Prolly going to hit the sack early tonight. Read a book or something beforehand... I've had my fill of political diatribe and discourse.

Nothing bad happened at work today. Snapped up a couple more contracts. According to the suits, their clients 'loooooooooooved' my work. Must have been the insinuated sarcasm or the repressed pessimism hidden under a blanket of jingoistic optimism (Win one for the Gipper!). Whatever. Didn't feel like writing much today. Scribbled off some work that was due and spent all day reading FHM, KLUE, CLEO and the STAR. Maybe I'll feel better tomorrow.

That reminds me... meeting at SaneWorld (tm) tomorrow. Oh joy. Got to seriously start working on my 1st step. I'll get to it sometime this week. Yup. But first, I'm going to catch the Chronicles of Riddick at the One Utama TGV on Friday. Or GSC at Midvalley, since TGV's stupid website isn't listing Chronicles even though movie posters have been plastered all over the ticket counter since last week. Dumbasses.

I seriously don't have much else to say today, people. Except that the Edge has some good articles. Kam Raslan and Amir Muhammad's column is a laugh-a-minute. Poignant, funny and apt at the same time. Talking about that, anyone catch the Yasmin Ahmad feature at NST's Lifestyle section yesterday? Not even a hint of Ms. Yasmin's 'alternative' lifestyle. I mean, let's gloat at Noritta Samsudin but give award-winning transgendered creative director of Leo Burnett a pass. Personally I don't care if the lady used to be a dude. I'm just pissed off at how certain people get kid gloves treatment and everyone else gets the shaft. Oh, like, I don't know... Anwar Ibrahim? What's he in jail for anyway? Corruption? Abuse of power? Sodomy? Even people who don't like him are starting to mutter that he should be let out already. Making us all look bad. I mean, it's not like Mahadhir ever did anything like that, did he?

Ok, ok, I said that I'd lay off the politics. Don't want to jeapordize my chances of being hired at a multinational ad agency now, would I?

Anyway, that's all I have to say for today. Tomorrow, as they say, is another day.

Someone shoot me.

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