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Thursday, June 10, 2004

The Trouble with "Super Sapiens"

Ok, as a lark, I decided to rip off Halmark card titles and submit it to the 'Creative Department Mafiaso'. Their verdict? "Amateurish", "displays my lack of creativity" and "out of touch with what the public expects". If it wasn't so far-out funny, I'd be crying right now. Their main complaints? The Hari Raya cards mentioned 'Allah' or quoted the Prophet. As in, "May Allah's Blessings bring Peace and Hope to you and your family this Holy month". I mean, we wouldn't want anyone to be offended, would we? Heaven forbid we should mention Allah or the Prophet with regards to a Muslim festivity.

The only problem is, I didn't write that tagline. The people at Hallmark did. You know, those god-hating, Islam-despising, Separation-of-Church-and-State pinko commie liberal Nazis westerners. How dare they use "Allah" for an Eid Mubarak greeting card! Oh, and we can't mention "Fires of Hell" either even if the Prophet did say it ("The beginning of Ramadan is mercy, the middle of the month is forgiveness and the end of it is freedom from the fire").

I know. Let's call it "Super Sapien" instead. So I steeled myself and numbed my brains a bit and wrote a four line poem on Hari Raya. What did I get? "Derivative", "simplistic" and "avant garde".

I think I'm about to collapse into a heap of hysterical laughter right now puncuated by a crying bout. It could be worse, though. I could be working for a bank or the oil and gas industry.

Need to think some happy thoughts. Smoke some dope, drink some beer, watch a Disney cartoon.


If you want me, people, I'll be in the can staring blankly at the wall. Five and a half hours to go before I can clock out of here.

Jeebus Farkin Crisps.

P.S. Islam has no problem with people saying the "Hell" word. Or "Damnation". Or "God". What's really sad is that I now see a lot of "Muslims" distributing Fundie creed on the steps to the local mosque. It wouldn't be so bad if it was Islamic fundie creed... "The Lie of Evolution: The Science of Creationism" was just one of the titles I glanced at. Huh? Since when did we believe in creationism? I'm sorry dude but Islam has always been a religion that embraces scientific facts and truth. At least, last I checked. When the hell did we start hating Jews and burning books? I even heard that fucktard so-called Muslim motivational teacher (you know, that guy who's always on TV) repeat the Biblical lie about Eve created from Adam's rib bone. Read the Quran, moron. Men and women were created at the same time, from a single soul. We do not believe in this shit. What next? Speaking in tongues and rolling in the aisles?

Check the facts, people. Check the facts.

With that, I'm out of here.

2 Farts in the Wind:

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Monkey Boy,

The Qur'an doesn't specifically state that Eve came from Prophet Adam's (pbuh) rib. However, the issue of her coming from his rib is clearly and authentically stated in the Hadith of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), and therefore we do believe in the Hadith because Allah orders us in the Qur'an to believe and obey Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). In addition, Surah an-Nisa (4) verse 1 clearly states that Eve came form Adam (although there is no mentioning of the rib).

Allah craeted Adam and Eve from clay and water and breathed separate soul into them. I suggest before you call people moron, you ought to check your facts first? You are not wrong, but your fact is neither right totally.

No heart feelings. Thank you

3:23 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The most complete version of Hadiths that mentioned that Eve came from Adam's rib is the one which may be translated as follows: "Take good care of woman, for they have been created from a rib. The most prominently crooked part of a rib is its top part. If you were to try to straighten it, you will inevitably break it, but if you leave it alone, it remains crooked. Therefore, take good care of women." (Related by Al-Bukhari)

Thought I share something with you. However, interesting blog you have.

3:42 PM  

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