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Sunday, June 06, 2004

Stupid White Men

Reading Michael Moore's 'Stupid White Men' at the moment. Interesting book. Was about to buy the 'Bowling for Columbine' DVD in KL last week but Token_Penang_Guy said his friend was going to bring back the original DVD with her from the states sometime next month. Riiiiiight. I'm still waiting for him to pass me Palestine (a Graphic Novel about the Israeli-Palestine conflict). Wish I could buy more books and graphic novels but I need my cash for more important things these days. Hrmphh. Wish M'sian libraries were better stocked. Anyway, I'm going to go read the commentaries at while waiting for Zuli to drop by and pick me up so we can go somewhere and have something to drink.

No mind-shattering epiphanies right now, I'm afraid. Do check back later.

1 Farts in the Wind:

Blogger excalibur said...

Mummy's boy, eh? Woit! I created my bloggers first, how come you got three already? Tak aci la... Where can lawan sifu one....!?

In any case, since you're a little bit more 'rajin' than I am at these things, I shall buck up my performance and try to update at least once every two days.

I've been nuts busy lately, doing loads of work but not reaping any profits from it. It's the worst you can do in a bank...

Ika, babe, so sorry missed your b'day, hope it was fun.

And err....mummy's boy aka beruk boy, love reading your ramblings, keep writing...

Oh ya, got a bit of update on my mr. not-quite-right-yet-but-hopefully-getting-there... Woi! Make yourself available for coffee lah!

12:45 PM  

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