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Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Stupid Comment of the Day

I am like deadly busy at work (doing cover rationales, don't ask, it would only give those hacks at D&D more credibility) but a quick shout out to Dave, who, for some unexplainable reason, thinks that my posts are funny.

However, Screenshots has uncovered something even more ribtickling. You see, a company in New Zealand banned all non-English banter from the workplace. A quote:

Half his staff were New Zealand-born, a quarter were Indian and the rest were of other ethnic origins.

The lunchroom was a place for staff to relax during their breaks and when a foreign language, particularly the one the Indians used, was spoken it could create a "trying" atmosphere, not a relaxing one.

"They don't want jabberwocky or gobbledegook going full bore. It [the Indians' language] is like machinegun fire. It is a staccato-type speech.

"I don't want to be critical but it is not a smooth, quiet undertone. They get quite excited and some of the staff don't like it," Mr Clist said. [...]

"The average Kiwi knows what I am talking about", but there had been "one or two" disgruntled callers from "the university".

It gets better. When the NZ Herald called Clist's office on June 28 to get a comment, they discovered *gasp* *mock surprise* that his company used an automated phone system that had French and German message options.

Clist admitted the system was "multicultural" but he didn't see that as being at odds with his English-only policy. He says, "this is an international company... we have contacts overseas".

Should I even comment? Is it even worth commenting? Oh, I don't know...

You know, people have commented that spoken German sounds like machinegun fire too, uhm, kinda like a staccato-type speech. But who am I to say?

Thanks for the head's up, Jeff. You can read Jeff's take on it here or go straight to the NZ Herald for the article.

So. Bleeding. Unbelievable.

Later, people.

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