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Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Rush Limbaugh is a Big Fat Lying Idiot

Oh, how I love working in a Bumi company. Only work when the boss is around, take 2 hour lunch breaks, nap for half an hour in the surau and read newspapers all morning. Almost makes me feel like I'm a white guy working in corporate America. Not that it's all rosy over there, mind. Even Microsoft is cutting benefits to its employees to cut costs. What? No more free sodas so I can grow fat and lazy and use my non-existent healthcare plan for when I get diabetes?


Ok, so what did I do today? Wrote a proposal for a shitty community college in PJ (you guess what it is called lah) and summarized a report for an international Export Import Bank. My boss came in for an hour, stared over my shoulder at my computer monitor to see what I was doing, then left to, uhm, do whatever the hell it is bosses do.

People, I am not enjoying myself. I need work so I can build a portfolio so I can have something to present when I want to get out of this godforsaken job. If this keeps up, I'm going to have to start to work for free at other agencies *just* to fill up my portfolio.

Hrmphh. Haven't read the Star yet or checked out my daily fix of politics from Please please please oh God don't give that son of a Bush another 4 year term. I kinda like the earth not being a nuclear wasteland.

Just finished reading 'Stupid White Men'. Good book. Next month I'll probably pick up 'Dude, where's my country?' or Al Franken's 'Lies and the Liars that Tell Them'.

Ok, nothing much else to add, peeps. Catch you guys later.

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