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Monday, June 28, 2004

Off With Their Heads!

Ok guys. Posted a bunch of links to pertinent stories of the day (and yes, I heard about the Iranian woman who claims to have given birth to a frog but since it was printed on Moonie Times, I seriously doubt its veracity. But who knows? If anyone has any factoids they'd like to share, please, be my guest.

In other news, Rafidah Aziz says something stupid. Again. Earth Wind and Fire are looking for a new copywriter. So is Bozell and Bateys, I believe.

Oh, and my boss was in a pissy mood this morning (because certain unnamed people dared to get sick/had better things to do than to come to his 'compulsory attendance' staff get-together last Saturday at the Bowling alley in Sunway Pyramid) so he went and fired Odie, our Media Executive, even though she brought an MC as her excuse.

It gets better.

I've been sick since last week because of my sinuses and on Friday (if any of you care to read that far down) you may remember that I was hacking out cough-and-phlegm all night so I was pretty out of it on Saturday morning.

The thing is, my boss knows this. He's seen me walk down to the pharmacy to get stuff to fix my sore throat/burning eyes/runny nose/pounding headache/aching bones. Yet, he makes me write a 'show cause' letter of why I should be allowed to keep my job.

Heh. Very amusing.

I went into minute details of how the haze resulted in airborne pollutants and microdebris that, when sucked into my lungs by the act of breathing, caused a thin layer of dirt over my membranewhatchamacallit. Anyway, I get to keep my lousy job.

Personally, I think more heads are going to roll tomorrow. L, our Events Executive, only got to keep her job because she had to take emergency leave to care for her semi-paralyzed mother in Ipoh. I know, I know. My boss is so a Queen-to-the-max. However, JP, our senior account executive, was nursing a hangover caused by a careful mixture of alcohol and late-night footie viewing. Is he toast? No idea. But his, uhm, M.C. was written by a Chinese sin-seh.

Ah, well.

Anyway, I need to head to bed like pronto. Try to catch some ZZZs, rest up before the daily drama starts up again and hope that my paycheck gets banked before the 1st.

Toodles, people.

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