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Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Nya, nya, nya, I can't hear you

Ok, what's hot today? The latest edition of The Onion is online. Me, I'm waiting for E to update The Awful Truth tomorrow afternoon, M'sian time. Michael Moore debunks an attempt to debunk F911.

People often wonder why I take so long posting new stuff. It's simple, guys. I take the time to exhaustively research any link I post on my blog to make sure that they're legit and will stand up to serious inquiry. Oh, sure, I could be like a chimpanzee shrieking and yelling and hurling offal at people to win arguments but that's a bit, I don't know, primitive, dontchathink? I mean, where would the world be if everyone just went around saying 'Nya, nya, nya, I can't hear you' or 'I'm right, you're not, 'coz Jeebus sez so'. Ooookay. So, I don't really bother posting until I've examined all the factors involved. Labels, in my opinion, are the last resort of a loser. For example: 'Yeah, you think you're so right but you're anti-hadith!' or 'If you're not for us, you're against us'. The world, unfortunately, isn't black and white. I once attended a ceramah by Ahmad Deedat who commented 'Christianity is a dead religion with live worshippers while Islam is a live religion with dead worshippers'. He also said (if I remember correctly) 'Islam is a beautiful, finely tuned car. It's a pity that it's driven by people who can't drive'.

So what do you do when someone asks you 'do you pray five times a day?' (ritual prayer, in Islam, is personal. The Muslim God does not require prayer, prayer is for our own benefit. A Hadith relates God as saying "I was a hidden treasure, so I determined that others should have knowledge of Me, therefore I created man.")

It's simple. Just ask the following three questions:

(1) Have you given alms today?
(2) Have you helped a fellow Muslim today?
(3) Have you served God today?

I recall a story about the late P. Ramlee (who made no qualms about his occasional gambling and drinking) as told by one of his close friends. When approached by beggars, P. Ramlee would unhesitantly give every ringgit he had in his wallet. When asked why he did that, he would shrug and say 'money and property are given in trust to me by God. It doesn't belong to me. When someone asks me for alms, it is my duty to give it to them'.

When I read an article about P. Ramlee's son who was a roadsweeper in Ipoh and how he was proud of his job because he was doing his bit to keep the city clean, it makes me wonder, has anyone ever asked him if he prayed five times a day?

Anyone who knows me would know that I read voraciously. However, since there is only a finite amount of hours in a day, I have to pick and choose what I read. Do I read books on Islam? Yes. I have a penchant for books on Sufism but my main criteria is that the books must be well-written and by someone whose credibility isn't in doubt. I don't bother reading anything written by Harun Yahya, for example. Mein Kampf and Henry Ford's The International Jew doesn't interest me either. Ann Coulter and Rush Limbaugh can kiss my liberal ass.

I will however admit to reading Harakah once in a while. Apart from the occasional Jewish conspiracy theory some of the articles are actually quite intelligent.

Anyway, I'm going to read more articles on-line. Catch you guys later.

3 Farts in the Wind:

Anonymous Anonymous said...

*watch BerukBoy shrieking and yelling and hurling offal at people to win arguments*


You were saying something MonkeyBoy?

If you stop shrieking and yelling and hurling offal at people to win your so-called arguments long enough, you'd probably hear yourself shrieking and yelling and hurling offal at people...period


9:26 AM  
Blogger incognito said...

ok part of my morning ritual (gosh, can i be any more pathetic?) is to come into my office, read my company's email and faxes, push them aside (eventhough some may need immediate action :0) and check out berukboy's blog for some amusement before the oh-so-clever-invention called work pulls me down into it's never ending void

i'm usually laughing my head off at the end of every blog but lately things have changed a bit

berukboy, your blogs are still riveting (quite a compliment huh?) but i have just one thing to say...anonymous, i respect your right to post comments but please let go of it already...i'm sure berukboy is not deliberately attacking you (well not anymore at least), so let's just forgive and forget

sorry if i offended anyone...keep up the good work berukboy...your blogs are one of the things that keep me sane in this insane place we call earth (ok, being a little bit too over dramatic here ;0) but hey that's just me!

10:17 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Getting personal?

Let go off it already?

nya! nya! nya!

And you said you read his postings every morning and laughed your head off at the end of every blog. Perhaps you missed BerukBoys bittersweet, endless rant (not to mention , his links to this and that here, here, here, here, here, here, here AND here) about my posting 4 eons ago? Sorry doll, but did you mention 'letting it go already'?

Naaaahhh, I'm just playing catch with the Monkey, I mean Berukboy.

A copywriter he claim to be, so he knows he should be able to stomach come whatever may. He'll never know who's reading his writing, do you MonkeyBoy?

Awww you're cute Incognito. I applaud your attitude, but I'm feeling rather nauseous. This metallic taste in my mouth sure is annoying.

You keep up your good work BerukBoy. I mean it. I'm done with your blog. It's so passe, outmoded, dated, old-fashioned, behind-the-times, obsolete, defunct and outdated. (yes, I should've used your 'Dictionary Section' more often)

I'm off to another!

By the way BerukBoy, for you to fume still of my postings is a compliment. It can only mean either 1. I am as good as you are or 2. I really am getting rusty in my old age. I reckon the latter.

My heartiest apologies.

5:12 PM  

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