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Tuesday, June 29, 2004

More News From the Mutual Self-Admiration Society

Ok, a quick post then I swear to God/Jebus/Buddha that I'll be headed to bed. Anyway, a quick nod to A Tree By The Stream. I don't exactly understand the technobabble behind Blogrolling but, uhm, thanks for listing BerukBoy's Liberal Rants on your site. I think.

I seriously have to start reading the instruction manuals that come with these programs. Yeesh. Oh, and did I mention that I lived in Lynnwood for a year? That's like half an hour away from Seattle. Used to work at the Kinko's at 2nd Avenue. I think it's called Kinko's Belltown now. My ex-wife used to work as the Senior Customer Representative for the Northgate Kinko's.

But, uhm, that's neither here nor there so I'll end my post here. G'night, people.

May you have liberal dreams.

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Blogger Elizabeth said...

I'm putting things on my blog roll if I'm following them, or if they made me smile on my first visit -- it's a convenience for me as much as for my visitors. When it gets crowded I'll probably thin in down to the handful I visit every day or two. I have little evidence that anyone is visiting my own blog, where a promised rant is long overdue. I got busy.

3:25 PM  

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