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Monday, June 07, 2004


Hmm. What did I have to do today? I wrote an English to Malay translation for one of my agency's clients (an, ahem, international Export Import Bank). Took me all of, uhm, 20 minutes. And that included calling my mum up to check on the validity of my translation. My mom is a certified TRANSLATOR, ok? Just because this blog is called 'Mummy Knows Best' doesn't mean... err... hey, what's that? It's J-Lo and Marc Anthony getting married!

Oh, and Zuli and I are switching to Maxis. Got our new numbers, our sim cards get activated tonight. Zuli is in a sensitive mood this week. Tread lightly. <--- that statement is going to get me flamed royally by Zuli when she reads it. And Heaven forbid I should start nattering about how Zuli's mom... hey, what's that? More salacious reporting on the Noritta Samsuddin court case on Malay Mail.


I don't even have to work for Leo Burnett or O & M. Hell, I'd be happy working for Friends. Considered working for Malaysiakini full-time but I don't think I want to spend the next 10 years in ISA detention by reporting on a senior government minister buggering his son's pet turtle. Which did not happen. Ever. It was a metaphor, ok? Yeesh.

I'm going to have to hire my cousin to do a multimedia presentation for me the next time I go looking for a job. Simple shiznit. Wow them to Kathmandu and back.

I'm not asking for much. Internet access, a coupla grand in pay, no official work days on Saturdays (but I'll come if I have to, ok?), my own cubicle, a computer with enough RAM to run Photoshop so I can edit the stuff I get from my designers and, uhm, close access to the LRT station coz I ain't buying a car just to get my ass stuck in traffic all of time.

Oh, and my sister is buying a Hyundai Getz courtesy of MBF (Mak Bapak Financing). Once I get my licence, I'll be able to appropriate the car every so often (primarily to send Zuli's ass home when it's late at night so poo' lil' zuli won't have to drive home alone in the wee hours of the morning).

Man, I'm hungry. Guess I should head down and tapau something. My maid packed me ayam kicap again, woo hoo. Soy sauce apparently causes increased aggression and diminished sexual performance *but* you also live longer. HUH?

Get to write a stupid letter of introduction for one of my lazy ass media execs today. Oh joy. Headed to the gym after work for my usual PT session with Kannan. Uhm.

Nothing interesting to watch at the movies this week either. Next week though... Chronicles of Riddick!!!!

Ok lah, going down to eat something. Next month I definitely have to buy a book on advertising so I can say something pithy about the industry just in case any headhunters are scouring the web and should chance upon my blog. Right.

Get a life, people. Me, I'm off to lunch.

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