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Thursday, June 10, 2004


You know, with all this crap I hear about putting Reagan on the $10 bill and building a monument to him in Washington D.C. (hell, why not just rename Washington D.C. 'Reagangrad'?) I'm starting to wonder what sort of media hullaboo we can expect when the all-powerful infallable Dr. M finally kicks the bucket.

Would we rename Putrajaya 'Mahadhirjaya'? Or Proton 'Mahadhirmobile'? I know. Chow Kitt Road needs a major facelift. Since Marina likes hanging out there so much, let's have a major overhaul of that area and paint it Mahadhiresque. We could rename Jalan Haji Taib 'Crony Road' (what better tribute to all the cronies of Bolehland to have a road filled with trannies and cheap hookers named after them). And we could build a themepark right there named 'Bolehland' (100% discount if you're HIV positive). Everyone else can pay for tickets using their EPF money! Shudder at the horrors of 'The shack of Islamic extremists and their commie pinko liberal god-hating supporters'. Ride on the 'Economic Recovery' rollercoaster. Experience 'the Singapore-Malaysia war' simulation (where we'll win by drafting all those NS trainees).


Talking about money politics, I've resigned myself to having to bribe my co-workers to get them to leave me alone. A pack of cigarettes here, paying for their lunch there... it's kinda like Secondary School again.

Anyway, I've got to go rewrite the stupid greeting cards. Jeebus. I'm outta here.

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Blogger mymagicbox said...

....I remember having to cooked 2 packs of Maggi Mee so that 1 I can give out to dormmates (them peeps do looked like damn vultures whenever I cooked Maggi!) and the other one I can eat behind my sad is that?

Money politics....we were taught young

5:25 PM  

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