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Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Liberal Scum

Oh, guy, I am so tired it isn't even funny. Waiting for Zuli to come pick me up so we can hit the gym for an hour then I'll be headed home so I can read a few, uhm, whatchamacallits? You know, those things in a book? Chapters! Then it'll be sleepytime for me.

I was reading some articles on Salon and Counterpunch but I got so tired that I decided to write comments on Bangable to pass the time.

I just thank the good Lord every day that I'm liberal scum and not some hellfire-and-brimstone fundie.

As Tupac would say, 'only God can judge me'. Amen, brother.

1 Farts in the Wind:

Blogger excalibur said...

Dude, I'll give Guy a pass., interesting cyber conversations are taking place between you and anonymous, I see...

And why won't anonymous reveal his/her identity? Hmmm...

Ms. Y.A used to be relative in a bau bachang sorta way... Is Y.A. really 50? Wow...

10:46 AM  

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