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Monday, June 21, 2004

Jews for Hitler

OK, what have I done today? I had to rewrite a press release the events manager had penned for this mineral water company... drafted a letter for said events manager about this other company that's about to get a listing on the KLSE... stared at my desktop for a few hours trying to think up more crap for Unity College...oh, and I wrote Jeff Ooi a letter about his latest blog entry. Hmm. Reaganite? Neo-con? Jeez.

Jews for Hitler made more sense. Or Gays for Republicans. Not to mention, ahem, Indians for MIC.

Ok, that was my clever remark of the day. You can read the rest of my post in peace, people.

My friends and acquaintances know that I am not someone who's easily ruffled. I am noted for my high shmuck-tolerance level. But sometimes people just piss me off. And what do I do about it? I either write to my sponsor or make a note of it on my blog. I seriously hope all this repressed stress isn't affecting my health in any way. On the plus side, though, I've decided to switch from having lunch at the Malay shop near my office to a vegetarian mixed rice place a bit further up the street. Less pesticide and toxins on the veggies is my reasoning.

Not... going... to... be... pissed... off... by... idiots... today.

Not even going to mention who they are. Nope. Not a word.

Because it would just be petty, wouldn't it?

Anyway, my boss is off to an interview so I get to use the only computer with internet access in my office to do, uhm, research... I'll be trolling websites for a bit and if I find anything worth mentioning, I'll post it here.

Until then, toodles, people.

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