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Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Jews and the Prophet


I believe I mentioned in yesterday's block about how I had to write a whole bunch of greeting cards. Why these fucktards can't just go and buy wholesale from Hallmark is beyond me but hey, it's my (expletive deleted) job. Much like the other day when I had to write a congratulations ad.

Me: So, you want me to write a Congratulations ad, huh?
Suit: Yeah.
Me: You want me to write something different? Something punchy? Something that'll take the congrat ad to a whole new level?
Suit: No, the client is pretty conservative. They want a simple congrat ad.
Me: You mean like the ones I see in the newspapers everyday?
Suit: Yeah, just like that.
Me: You mean the ones that go "Congratulations from Company X to Company Y for being awarded such-and-such title from whatever?"
Suit: Yeah. You think you can write something like that and give it to me by today?
Me: Hmm. Lemme see. How about if I wrote "Congratulations from Company X to Company Y for being awarded such-and-such title from whatever?"
Suit: Perfect!
Me: (under my breath) Somebody kill me already.

See, I'm not just a copywriter. I'm also a petition writer, a proofreader, an editor, a number cruncher and occasional manual labour person. And I don't even have my own name card!

Have to keep telling myself: doing this for the agency cred and the money. Must dull brain. Must limit critical thought. Must think happy happy adage.

Anyway, going back to the greeting card fiasco. Yesterday, they commented on how I couldn't describe Aidil-Fitri as a 'joyous celebration' because obviously Allah forbids us from being joyous or celebrating anything. Well call me Osama and slap me in a cave.

Today, I get told off by a... graphic designer... about my copy. What was wrong with it? I mentioned the word Jew. As in:

A Hadith quotes the Prophet as saying, "If the Day of Judgement is tomorrow, plant a tree". In the Torah, God forbade the Jews from harming a fruit-bearing tree, even if it belonged to their enemies.

If there's one thing the two great religions can agree upon, it's trees.

First they questioned the validity of the Hadith. Ok, so they're not familiar with this particular Hadith that every progressive Muslim I know is fond of quoting (who can blame them? they must have missed it between 'kill all infidels' and 'beat your women into submission'). I could go on-line and look for it or call my mom to check but why bother. Who cares about the truth? We just want to try to get along, people. Anyway, after dismissing my 'poor' knowledge of Hadiths, they home in on what they were really pissed of with. That I dared mentioned the word Jew and the Prophet in the same paragraph.

I'm sorry, but I was under the mistaken impression that Jews and Christians were People of the Book, as are Muslims. All Muslims are brothers and Christians and Jews are our cousins. For crying out loud, the Prophet even married a Jewess. Abraham is the patriach of the Jews as well as the Muslims.

I mean, what the hell?

I am sincerely sick of working in an ignorant environment. To cover their own ignorance and narrow-mindedness, they mock my views and contest my facts not with solid argument but with playschool taunts. There was only one place I ever felt this isolated. And that was Mississippi. It's funny how much Everyday Joes, Muslim or Baptist, have in common. People here make fun of Bush but if they were Americans they'd probably vote for him.

I am tired of having to defend my faith all the time. No, no, we don't all feel like that. Just a few miscreants. Osama? Misguided. Doesn't follow the tenets of Islam.


And then I have to hear talking heads telling me how the prison abuse (abuse? TORTURE!) scandal in Iraq is different from the complains we hear from ISA detainees.

I want a piece of the pie too, people. Where's my NEP benefits? Where's my Bumi bonanza? I don't know dick about running a corporation. Hell, pay me 750k a month and I promise to leave the decision making to people who know what they're doing.

Damn, I am seriously pissed off. Guess I'm going to have to call my sponsor.

Maybe I'll have something more pithy to say later. Catch you on the flipside people.

2 Farts in the Wind:

Blogger excalibur said...

Give it to 'em, I say!!! Err...btw, which hadith is that ah? Hehehe...

Dude, I swear you have this ability to just go on ramlin' like there was no tomorrow... And the best part it, your ramblings are fun!!!

It's what I look forward to every morning...
(Yes, I agree, 'J' should get a LIFE!!!)

3:26 PM  
Blogger mymagicbox said...

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5:21 PM  

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