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Monday, June 21, 2004

I'm starting to think I'm suffering from a Clinton complex

Hi! BerukBoy here! <--- Note spelling of name.

There's only one Monkey Boy in cyberspace and his name is Shrubya (aka Son-of-a-Bush). I'm, uhm, referring to George W., in case you don't catch my drift. You know, sElected leader of the USA (U-S-A! U-S-A!), commander-in-thief, the guy who lives in President Gore's house.


As you may have guessed by now, I'm not a big fan of the Shrub. Anyway, that's beside the point.

I decided to comment on your comment here* so that my blog can be used for higher and loftier purposes... like a 700 page rant on why Yasmin Ahmad needs to get a real job (when I referred to the 50-year-old ladyboy, I meant her, so if you are her, then I'm really sorry. I have lots of friends who are trannies. Well, to be honest, I have two friends who are trannies (and one of them died of AIDS a couple of years back). I really have nothing against Yasmin. We're sorta friends in a 6 degrees of separation kind of way... her friend, Amir (Muhammad) was the guy who gave me a break into this writing for a living business. Wow, this is a really long bracket commentary).

But if Y.A. is indeed reading my humble blog, please forgive me making fun of you/her/whoever. I'm pretty sure Y.A. is getting tired of being hailed as the next best thing to Nasi Lemak Bungkus with Baked Beans when it comes to the ad industry. You're good, darling, but you're living on past glories. Let it go, babe.

Oh, and on behalf of my trannie friend(s), I would like to know why you classify yourself as 'the genuine article' and not as a transgendered. I am, of course, referring to the NST Lifestyle lovefest on you (Yasmin Ahmad) by Suraya Al-Attas. Sorry guys, no link, you have to go and buy the paper yourself or pay NST to go through their archives.

Err... ok... I'm rambling off-topic again. This happens a lot. As most of you would know, I work as a copywriter. Inane ranting is pretty much what I get paid to do.

* And yes, people, this was supposed to be a comment on a comment posted on the comments page but I wrote too much stuff and I couldn't fit in links there (well, I could, but they were bulky and I didn't like seeing all those http:// shiznit).

Dude (and here I'm referring to Anonymous - who may or may not be a dude), you are perfectly welcome to post anything you want here. Mi casa su casa. I wonder how you found my blog amidst the flotsam and jetsam of cyberspace but never-you-mind... and when I made that 'you almost sound half-intelligent' do notice that it was followed by 'compared to my drug-addled troglodyte postings' which was far from being complimentary to myself. Self-effacing remarks are my trademark, hombre. I mean, I noticed while I was posting on the comments page that it was lacking a spellchecker and I assume that you were just typing train-of-thought kinda sorta wouldya? Hell, I'm a total chickenshit in that aspect. I have an online dictionary open in another window and there is that small fact that I've been a published writer since I was 15. But I digress.

Anyway, the question is: Was Eve created from Adam's Rib? According to the Qur'an, God created woman and man simultaneously, of like substance, and in like manner. Several verses state that God created man and women from a single life-cell or being. Both man and women have male and female components (Surah 49:Al-Hujurat:13), and both together form the human species. It is a clear teaching of the Qur'an that man and woman are equal in the sight of God, and the Qur'an uses both feminine and masculine terms and imagery to describe the creation of humanity from a single source (Riffat Hassan, Gender Equality and Justice in Islam).

So, how can a hadith be sahih (authentic) if it contradicts the Quran? Like I said earlier, I have nothing against you posting your comments on my blog. As a courtesy, though, please remember to substantiate any arguments made with links or a reference. If you're quoting a translated verse of the Quran, please list who did the translation so I can check its veracity. Likewise, any hadith mentioned will be judged by the same standards. No tickee, no shirtee, sorry. And before you click on that comment button, buddy, do read this other hadith:

(From Al-'Ayyashi from Amr ben Abi Miqdâm from his father that he said) "I asked Aba Jafar Al-Bâqir from what thing did God made Eve?" Al-Bâqir replied "And what thing do they say about this creation?" I said "They say from one of Adam's ribs", then he said "They lied. Is God unable to create her except from Adam's rib?" Then I said "O may I be a ransom to you son of the prophet of God, of what thing did God create her?" He said "my father told me from his fathers that the Prophet of God said "God, all praise be to Him, held a clay and mixed it with His right hand, and both of His hands are right, so He created out of it Adam and part of it was left untouched so He created Eve out of it"

Also, try clicking here, here, here, here, here, here, here and here.

Not so fast, chum. Before you even think of posting a rebuttal, make sure your links and references are listed alongside. I took a lot of trouble and time to scour the net for the above substantiation of my argument so I expect nothing less than the same from you. Come on, dude. It's 15 minutes past midnight and I've been working on this blog since I got home from work at 8.

Tomorrow, however, I will be posting trite. Ruminations about Malaysian Idol, is Michael Bublé coming to Malaysia, will Boyz II Men be performing here, why am I still working in my agency, stuff like that.

For crying out loud, people, I work in advertising. Serious intellectual discourse (albeit about theology) is just so passé.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha ha. I'll pass your apologies to Yasmin. She said, I quote "That coming from someone who call himself BerukBoy, now that's one hell of a compliment" However, she did read your postings. I have never seen her laughed so much. A budding comedian too? However no heart feelings on Yasmin's side.

You are obviously have no indepth knowledge of the Quran nor the teachings. Just a question, are you a practising Muslim? Because if you are not, I suggest you get done with the 'sembahyang 5 waktu' before you post any quotations or cut-and-paste any writings from some Islamic webpage. No offence, but those quotations and those cut-and-paste of yours do mean nothing if you can barely go for Friday prayer once a week if not waking up sober for your Subuh. I decided to let you be with your readings from IslamOnLine or whatever website that you religiously scoop the content out of without having the knowledge of the difference between Hadith and Quran. As I mentioned, my intention was noble. If you can't take other people's point of view, try considering other areas of professions besides copywriter. Trust me, I've been there, seen people like you. Kindly take this as a piece of advice Mr. MonkeyBoy, your brain, your thoughts, your point of views needs to catch up with your mouth.

Hadith NEVER contradicts the Quran. Perhaps rather than working for 4 hours on your blog coming up with links here, there and everywhere, it doesn't hurt to study what hadith really is.

And above all, not all 50-year-old ladyboys are a pain in the ass. You're young aren't you? My point exactly.

9:35 AM  

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