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Thursday, June 24, 2004

Fresh Air and Sunshine

Okay... slow Thursday.

Nothing worth commenting on right now so I'm just jotting this little note on my blog to say, uhm, that I don't really have much to say about anything.

The smog, by the way, is back. I'm not saying we should nuke the Indons or anything... but if they don't start regulating open burning and going after pirates operating from their waters, well, there's always Mahathir and the Special Branch. Think of it: no more annoying reformasi problem. A refreshing water cannon bath at every unlicenced public gathering.

The shift in air pressure is giving me a pounding headache. Fabulous. Just fabulous. I'm not getting enough sleep from sleep apnea, my head itches because of eczema and now this smog is aggravating my sinuses. Must be all the fresh air and sunshine.

Anyway, more stuff later. Heading down to pack some quick lunch. Waiting for the M.E., Odie, to present the proposed ads I was working on to Unity.

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