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Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Debunking Myths

Ok. I'm on my lunch break. It took me about 20 minutes to head down two flight of steps, walk down the block to the chinese coffeeshop, pick up a packet of white rice and veggies, walk back to my office (up aforementioned two flight of steps), eat my food, then plonk myself in front of my H.O.D.'s computer and start posting on my blog. Oh, and I spent a couple of minutes browsing the headlines on yahoo, democratic underground, malaysiakini, jeff ooi and the urban legends website.

It's official, people. As of 2:15 pm, the world has not yet been annhiliated by a nuclear holocaust. Please go back to your mind-numbing jobs to surf for porn, bitch about your boss or steal milo sachets from the pantry. Thank you for your cooperation.

Told my mum and dad about the guy who's been living in the Charles de Gaull airport in Paris since 1988. My parents, both of whom have visited Paris, expressed stark disbelief. My dad was just in Paris last week actually. Anyway, Steven Spielberg made a movie based on that guy's story (starring Tom Hanks) called The Terminal.

Oh, for anyone who's interested, Double Take is going to perform at Alexis Ampang on the 16th and 17th of July. Good stuff, good stuff.

And yes, yet again, science debunks yet another islamic myth. But hey, at least we never believed that God said the world was flat, right?

Talking about that, found a new site. Click here.

People ask me, how do I find time to do my job, post on my blog, check on my links, scan through articles on-line and read a few chapters of whatever book it is I'm reading... in the 16 hours that I'm awake? No bloody idea, buds. But if I had internet access at my desk I'd be able to stuff more reading material into my day. And, uhm, do research and stuff.

Oh, and has anyone heard of the Big Mac Index? Quick and easy intro of the world of international economics and currency exchange.

More myths (Islamic or otherwise) will be debunked in a bit. For now, I have to go do work that I'm actually paid to do.

Toodles, people.

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