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Sunday, June 06, 2004

Bye Bye Reaganomics

Ok people

I promise to post on this blog at least 2-3 times a week. Unless I get internet access on my desktop at work *or* I save up enough cash to get a laptop with wi-fi and sign up with webbit. Oh, and I'm starting driving lessons sometime next week. Not going to bother buying a car since my parents have two and my sister has agreed in principle to loan me her new fully-paid for car (courtesy of MBF - Mak Bapak Financing) when I need it (i.e. when I have to send zuli home because her parents and my parents are bitching about how unsafe it is for a young woman to drive home alone late at night). Hmm, I need a witty retort right there but I just woke up an hour ago so I'm still pretty groggy.

Zuli's birthday was yesterday. Went to watch Harry Potter 3 on Friday, had a small birthday celebration party at Red Chamber. A bunch of people were there (Fad, Razak, Fazari, Edmund, Sumi and Manaf). Met up with Zah and Didi on Saturday at Starbucks. Zah's new Volvo = very cool!

Reagan died. Well, what can I say about that? Maybe him and the Ayatollah can talk politics in, uhm, wherever. Heh.

Great. BushTheOtherMonkeyBoy just had to say something stupid in France ('To repharaprase JFK, Americans have two countries - America and Texas'). Uh?

UMNO elections looming over the horizon. Hear it's going to be beatdown hogtied dirty. Not as dirty as the Malay Mail's coverage of the Noritta Samsuddin murder trial (FEMALE DNA FOUND IN HER MOUTH!). Jeez, people. Keep censoring stuff and watch people buy more pirated movies. Oh, wait, if I had the money and the means I could just travel overseas and watch the movies myself or buy them from Perfectly legal. Tsk.

4 months at my job. Another 8 months to go before I have a year's worth of solid ad agency experience and I can start looking for better pastures. Not that I'll have much of a portfolio to bring with me (other than an upcoming cinema commercial for Wellsun shampoo and a bunch of jingoistic Merdeka ads for Exim Bank). I mean, the biggest job I had last week was writing a letter to one of our former clients to ask for a fridge back which was given to her at her wedding ceremony two years ago. Don't ask, people. Don't ask.

So, what else can I bitch on? Readers of this blog, pay attention: I am going to be bitching about politics and the advertising industry (specifically my job) a lot. If you want to be entertained, go read or something. Heh.

Ooh ooh listening to Joss Stone now. Fine. Zuli can score one for the team. Yeesh.

Chronicles of Riddick next next week. Punisher this week. Hmm.

Oklah I want to go back to reading more political news. Yeesh, no time to even play my current fave game, Neverwinter Nights. Ah well.

Ciao peeps.

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Blogger mymagicbox said...

Gabey Wabey, no I have not had enough of your nonesense eloquent ramble shambles about nothing and
everything all at once *smiles*

Good blog...goooood bloggie *warf!*

9:18 AM  

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