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Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Adventures in SaneWorld (TM)

Ok. The office is closing down in half an hour. In 15 minutes, Zuli will be on her way to pick me up then we're off to Kay-Hell for my weekly visit to SaneWorld (TM). Meeting up with Token_Penang_Guy to hand him my dad's digicam so he can shoot his student flick whatever. I think I have a role in said flick. Not quite sure. Will be at home tonight. Zuli's mum is in Penang and will only be back on Monday. Zuli's dad however is in town for a doctor's appointment. Needless to say, she ain't too thrilled.

You know, I've never really been friends with any guy of Indian descent. Don't really know why. Maybe it's because most Indian guys I've known have tried to beat the shit out of me. Granted, I've known Malay and Chinese dudes who've tried to beat the shit out of me too. Uhm, I'm friends with a few Pakistani guys (and one Maldivian dude) but does that count? Oh, wait, in SaneWorld (TM) I have friends who I guess are Indian. Does SaneWorld (TM) count though? I get really confused between the rules of SaneWorld (TM) and the harsh reality of The Real World (R).

Anyway, before I lose more friends, what I'm trying to say is: If there's any race in Malaysia that needs the NEP patronage, it's our Indian brethren.

YOU: But most of them are doctors and lawyers, some might remark. ME: Oh, really? Can I see some facts to back that up?
YOU: But... but... most doctors and lawyers I know are Indian.

Most people I see on a day-to-day basis are Malays and we only make up 47% of the population. I think the Malays and the Chinese can do pretty well without 'special privileges'. Less we forget, the main reason we came up with 'Ketuanan Melayu' was because we blamed the Brit colonials who practiced a system of divide and conquer. The Malays in the villages and serving in administrative posts, the Chinese in cities and working in mines or operating businesses... and the Indians in the estates, in conditions most of them are still living in today. For crying out loud, even the MIC is arguing against giving plantation workers minimum wages let alone living wages.

Besides, I don't want my 'ketuanan' privileges enriching yet another UMNO crony whose kids muck up Bangsar in their spanking-new Ferraris. I prefer to work hard to get ahead in life, thank you very much. Not that I have much choice, ahem. My family doesn't believe in nepotism.

Yeah, yeah, boo hoo, poor me.

But seriously folks, a level playing field is all I'm asking for. And that includes everyone. I'm not a self-hating Bumi liberal. I'm just tired of seeing headlines (usually relegated to page 3 of the English dailies) like 'suspect Francis jumps into river to escape police'. Right. And Nirmala just happened to beat the shit out of herself.

More to come tomorrow.


1 Farts in the Wind:

Blogger mymagicbox said...

"..Orang putih ke, orang kuning ke, orang hijau ke, orang orange ke, orang colour rainboiw ke, kitakan orang Malaysia..."


laugh! laugh! laugh!

Ahh, the ever famous line in the Malaysian film industry...besides whatever crap Erra Fazira said in Gerak Khas I, II, III, IIVI....whatever...

Was driving like a loon on the Fedaral Highway this morning cause I was late cause my clock stopped and the bathroom was occupied by my housemate who has made morning sex in the shower a routine (yes 'peoples', I scrub the toilet seat everytime before I shi shi or bo bo) Henneyway, was going like 120mph in my old Satria. The traffic was bad enough as it is already, but somehow the jam was REALLY bad this morning. So there I was comtemplating mass homicide while listening to Hitz FM to this mother who complained bout her daughter's bf who was too stingy and the old lady went "..dat's why, if you want to court my daughter who is pretty and she is a model you know I'm telling you, you better not be so stingy...bla bla bla"


.....on second thought, I better not say what's on my mind...

...back to the traffic was bumper to bumper...must be accident again...and I was thinking to myself "..someone better die or something for this kinda jam!"..(yes, I can get a lil sick in the head sometime)...and it turned out to be that two indian cleaning 'amah' was fighting by the roadside...and I'm talking hair-pulling, leg-kicking fight here peoples!!...the kain batik was up to their thighs and it looked like women's WWF went bad....went reaaallly bad...that's what I call 'in-flight entertainment' :o)

...I was 45 minutes late....but it was worth it

9:47 AM  

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